Lee Da-hae’s Voice Message

It is nice to see Lee Da-hae back active on SNS, since her 1st message after coming back from vacation she posted on 18/1 a couple of pictures from her latest @Star1 Pictorial on Weibo and today she posted again on her Flitto account.

She mentioned about Flitto long time ago and since then both her Twitter and Weibo account are posted there as well but I think this is the first time she post their directly but it is a wonderful update since she posted the picture above along with a voice message for fans mentioning about “Best Lover” and hopefully that means that our wait for the drama won’t be for long.

Actually Naver and Nate profiles for the drama states now that it is airing in February but I am taking it with a grain of salt since neither the production nor the Baidu official drama profile mentioned it.

Here is a link to Da-hae’s Flitto post in which you can listen to her message


And here is translation for it (Credit to rurubu @ Flitto )

Hello, this is Lee Da-hae. I am happy to say hello from Flitto. Um, I will be meeting you all soon with the new drama ‘Best Lover’, so please show your support and love. Thank you. Good night.

Now, I am taking this chance since our girl mentioned about her upcoming drama again that I post a few BTS pictures from the drama filming which we got some time ago but I didn’t post here ^^

Credit: LDH Flitto and Naver


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