Lee Da-hae in Cebu

After our girl’s return from her vacation overseas which I believe she spent mostly with her family, she is having another round of fun with her friends. Lee Da-hae traveled with her long time female friend “Apple” to Cabu, Philippine and she posted today some great pictures on her Weibo and Instagram. She looks amazing and super happy in those pictures ❤

Here is the translation of her Weibo Message:

菲律宾宿务的天气 真是太好了,韩国现在还是很冷-大家也注意不要感冒了。怪不好意思 只我一个人暖和[害羞]

The weather in Cebu, Philippines is really good, it is still very cold in Korea-do take care not to catch a cold . I am a bit embarrassed to be the only one feeling warm! [害羞]

Check the rest of the pictures and other updates below ^^


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Before this trip she also had a dinner with her long time friends in Korea and she posted pictures on her Weibo on the 21st and also her friend posted a picture of them together on Instagram ^^

Here is translation of her Weibo Message:

昨天的晚餐 french+Mediterranean  #paella  #Dinner #Plac #Happiness

Yesterday’s Dinner french+Mediterranean  #paella  #Dinner #Plac #Happiness

Also she posted a message on Weibo to congratulate fans in advance for the Chinese new year and also to send “hongbao” or red envelops which are meant to bring luck and blessings for the new year. The amounts in the hongbao vary but the money can be used in Taobao (Alibaba’s online shopping site) and she done that in cooperation with sanitary napkin brand Kotex although I am not sure about her relation with the brand. And she also asked for fans support for her new drama “Best Lover

Here is the translation of her message:

感谢大家一直以来对我的支持和喜爱,新年到来之际,我与@高洁丝 一起为大家发个祝福红包吧!#李多海的红包#提前祝大家新年快乐哦!今年也请多多支持我的新作品#最佳情侣#李多海 的红包

Thank you for your continued support and love for me, the New Year is approaching, and I together with @Kotex to send a blessing red envelopes! #Lee Da Hae red envelope# advance Happy New Year! This year also please support my new work #Best Couple#!

Finally ANYA cosmetics posted a Selca of our girl that I think I didn’t see before but I am not sure if it is recent or not. But it is a nice picture to see anyway 😉

Credit: LDH Weibo and As Tagged | Translation: Ely_379 @ Soompi and Online Translators



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8 responses to “Lee Da-hae in Cebu

  1. Oh, I wish I knew she was here in Cebu! >_<


  2. Emily

    I love Lee Da Hae! ❤
    Thank you for your post! 🙂


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