Lee Da-hae Filming for “Running Man”

RM Filming Day 1

It has been quite sometimes since we were this busy getting many pictures about our girl and I totally missed it!!!

Lee Da-hae along with Running Man members and Jung Il Woo stayed in Dubai for 2 Days and 3 Nights filming for the upcoming special from the popular variety show and thanks to fans we have got many pictures and videos from the 2 days of filming and also from their arrival to the city. The special will be airing on the 6th of March, I think this special will at least be airing for 2 Episodes which I totally welcome 😉

Although Da-hae wasn’t the focus of the fans who have been more focusing on the RM members but she looked so happy in the pictures and also some fans did comment about how she smiled, waved and bowed to them although many weren’t familiar with her or was cheering only to other members.

Also a great adding to my excitement about this episode is the news about Da-hae doing Skydiving from which that picture above, really can’t wait to see the real thing!!!

Till we get to watch the episodes, check below for the BTS pictures and videos along with Da-hae latest Weibo and Instagram updates while filming for the program ❤

[Warning: this post may contain spoilers]

Of course she have to keep the sunscreen with her for the whole 2 days because of the weather and sun of Dubai 🙂

여기는 두바이 사막~~!!

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Arriving to Dubai

First Day Filming

Preparing for Second Day Filming

Second Day Filming

😍😍😍 #runningman #runningmanindubai #runningmandubai

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Leaving Dubai

Credit: As Tagged, LDH Weibo, IG and Twitter


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