Excited for Next Sunday!!

It has been a long time since I was that excited and waiting eagerly for a day to come specially Sunday (I hate Sundays 😀 ) but the thought of seeing Lee Da-hae on my screen after such a long time and for a whole hour and half in a variety show that I mostly enjoy is surely deserve it!!

Our girl updated her Instagram today with a picture she took during her flight back from Dubai last week and mentioning that this is the reason she looks tired in the photo ^^

Also Ji Suk Jin posted on his Instagram a picture he took that with our girl and Jung Il Woo in the airport in Korea before departing to Dubai. You can check it below along with teasers for the next Running Man Episode.

Are you also excited for next Sunday like me??


Credit: As Tagged and Uploaders



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2 responses to “Excited for Next Sunday!!

  1. Ilovkd

    Yes!! 😍 but I can only watch it later cos need subtitles


    • I think subtitles for Running Man are done pretty fast. And personally I know I won’t be able to wait, so I will watch it raw and then rewatch when the subs come out 😉


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