Lee Da-hae in Running Man Episode 289


What a great episode!!!

Although they cut many parts they did film, some of the missions were a bit boring and many PPLs too (I guess the trip to Dubai was pretty expensive and we all know now who did pay a big part of that 😉 ) but the thrilling, exciting and funny moments in this episode of “Running Man” already made up for all of that 🙂

I can’t thank the program enough for being the reason Lee Da-hae to try and see new things and places, I hope it opens her mind more and give her the confidence about her self so that she can make better decisions in the future for her career.

Our girl, Jung Il Woo and Kim Jong Kook owned the most AWESOME moment in this episode when they bravely did skydive, a big applaud to them ❤


Now let me do some recapping for our girl’s moments in this episode^^


Since her entry moment, I just couldn’t stop smiling at our girl’s reactions and expressions.

She was supposed to carefully hide her face till she come near to the members at the airport but she couldn’t help but sneak a peak behind the banner she was holding but that was enough for Haha to see it was her and she got innocently surprised that they knew her identity, LOL 😀


Then Il Woo revealed that he has been knowing Da-hae for 13 years. This old news for us fans because we know they were in the same agency but the new thing to know is that they apparently met when he was still dreaming to be an actor and visited her agency at that time and as he was nervous Da-hae treated him to a meal ^^


When the team arrived to Dubai after a 10 hours trip they went to Burj Khalifa and you would really wonder how this woman who were frightened to come near the windows there will be doing skydiving few hours later??!!

After the PD announced the missions and places the members can choose to visit as they need to collect 10 stamps before 3 PM to be able to have a good night sleep in a luxury hotel and not be from the four who will be sleeping the desert, the members went to get breakfast and decide their choices and I was really surprised how our girl suddenly decided to join JIW and KJK who already decided early on to do Skydiving as they personally wanted to do that before and this was a good chance for them!! When I first knew about this from the BTS, I though our girl did know before hand about this or got forced to it, so I didn’t expect this 🙂


During the drive to the skydive center in Palm Jumeirah our girl started to get pretty nervous. And now we know that Da-hae seems to talk  too much to others and specially to herself when she is nervous. LOL 😀


It was hilarious to see Da-hae’s reaction when she discovered what is skydiving really is. Yes, apparently she thought it was like Bungee Jumping. Haha, you obviously didn’t do your homework before choosing this mission dear 🙂

Here is the video for this cut


After taking the first surprise she still continue preparing for the skydive, and so the 3 of them had to get physical examination and Da-hae’s weight was revealed to the whole world to know. She is 50.6 Kg but she still felt embarrassed about it revealed, saying that it was because she had her clothes and even the staff tried to comfort her saying that she even had her mice on. Haha, Da-hae shi you must be kidding me!! 😀


While waiting Da-hae was still so nervous and kept talking and sighing. She was really too cute for words at that moment while wailing to the two guys saying she is so scared and even stumbled while trying to set down. kkk ^_^


Our girl had another surprise waiting for her and all the 3 of them after they discovered they will jump from 13,000 ft height not 4,000 as they understood before. The production team gave them a last chance to back off from the mission and although she wavered but again she assured that she will go on saying that “If you make a decision, you should go with it”, yes that is the spirit my girl ❤

And I have to say that I really liked how KJK kept encouraging her saying that she can do it and that it is normal to be trembling and admitting that he is himself nervous.


With that final decision, the 3 of them are on their own with the instructors getting into the plane to carry on the mission and all their skydiving moments were awesome and our girl although she was nervous the whole tie but she didn’t hesitate at the critical jumping moment and she was really sweet while flying in the air ^_^

And have to say the production team did nice job choosing the songs they played during that skydiving cut ❤


Our girl did a perfect landing and was the most talkative and energetic after the jump like a child who . I think beating your fear do make a person proud and I think that was her feeling as she surprised herself with this decision. And both KJK and JIW praised her bravery to do the jump when they met again at the ground and got their 10 stamps and avoided sleeping in the desert!!


After they are done with the skydiving, the 3 of them had the chance to freely tour the city and we saw some BTS pictures of that and a shot at the episode preview but in the end it was edited out of the episode.

At 3 PM all members gathered for the desert tour in which they had a roller coaster drive in the desert, Lee Kwang Soo was really funny with his reaction during the drive. After that our 3 skydivers were the only ones who didn’t need to play additional game to get more stamps. In the end they had to leave 4 of them who are (Yoo Jae Suk, Ji Suk jin, Haha and Kwang Soo) to sleep in the desert and the other 5 went to the luxurious hotel in the middle of the desert and had a nice meal before sleeping in preparation for the next day.

Here is the cut for the desert ride 😀

Aside from our girl the most funny parts for me in this episode were when both Jae Suk and Kwang Soo did the Zipline mission, sorry guys I know you were suffering but I really couldn’t help but LOL 😀

And also I would like to say that the production team did really a good job capturing great views and sceneries of Dubai but I specially liked how we got to see both the sun rise from Burj Khalifa and the sun set in the desert ❤


Lastly don’t forget to check the second part of the “Running Man” journey in Dubai next Sunday (13/3). Da-hae invites you all to watch it as she posted in her Weibo ^^

Here is translation of her message:

Did everyone watch last week’s episode of Running Man? There will be another episode this Sunday, please remember to watch it! It will be meaningful (interesting) ee8091.png[Ha ha]

Here is the trailer of episode 290

And I just want to end this post with a great picture of our girl’s smile, thanks to RM we see it and we hear her laugh again on our screen  and also a special tripute for Da-hae’s skydiving instructor and all other instructors who took care of all of them in the sky ❤


Credit: SBS,  As Tagged, Tumblr and YT Uploader | Translation: Ely_397 @ Soompi



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2 responses to “Lee Da-hae in Running Man Episode 289

  1. Elle_17

    Love to see Da Hae back as guest on Running Man. You can tell that she’s comfortable with the show and the Running Man members, maybe because she had a good time when she guested before. (Rewatched those eps yesterday 😁).
    It was funny seeing Da Hae talking herself into (or out of) the mission and my admiration for her grew because she was able to complete that terrifying mission.
    It was sweet of her worrying for those who will sleep at the desert and wanting to share their food with them.
    Can’t wait for the next episode!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yah, nice to see her back indeed ^^
      Actually when I saw Haha was the one who found her identity at the beginning, I immediattly remembered their funny interaction last time 😀


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