Lee Da-hae’s Latest SNS Updates

Lee Da-hae updated her Weibo on the 13th asking fans to guess where she is from the picture above. Some fans discovered from the sign in the picture that it was taken in Daikanyamachō, Tokyo. Not sure when this was taken but I guess it is a recent one specially that we know how our girl love Japan and tend to visit is frequently ❤

Also she updated her Weibo again yesterday with a picture she took with dog clothes that Chinese fans bought for her dog Cherry and sent her with her Chinese language teacher. She said that sadly they didn’t fit the fat Cherry 😀

Those dog outfits are really cute and even Da-hae was wearing a very cute pajamas herself. Check the pictures below 🙂

Credit: LDH Weibo



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8 responses to “Lee Da-hae’s Latest SNS Updates

  1. Hey Apqaria! Long time no talk. Hope you are well. Thanks for the photo updates.

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    • Hi dear, yes miss you and our chats. Hope you are doing well too ❤

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      • Hello! Like you, I’m a great fan of LDH. Thank you for each post on this site. But I have a questions, the our beautiful LDH are facebook account or facebook page?. Her personal page, not a fan page. If yes, please give me the link. I see more page with name ” Lee Da Hae ” on fb, but I don’t know which is reall.
        Thankyou! :*


        • Hi, nice to meet more fans of our lovely girl. Thank you for reading ^^
          About your question, no Da-hae doesn’t have an official personal Facebook account. She has Weibo, Twitter and IG accounts but not Facebook.


          • Thanks or your answer! I find this page on facebook, where in the link write official page. https://www.facebook.com/LeeDaHae.officialpage. Now, I understood that this is fake.
            But how do you know if a page is true or false? I’m not very good at this! I saw this post about the day-page news on the net and I even thought it’s official page LDH. Anyway, thank you’ve cleared.


            • It is tricky not be fooled by some pages but usually we can be sure either that the SNS account whatever it is, is verified or Dahae posted about it in another verified account of her or from unique posts on it.


              • So I understand that if the account is not verified, it is false?
                A few minutes ago I saw that page added a new photo. For me it is very hard to tell if it is false or true. I think you do too well and you’re more aware of LDH photos posted on the net. Could you please watch page for a while and then tell me if it is false or true. I saw one picture of LDH who first appeared on that page and other sites not found the net than a few days.


                • Yes this page is not our girl’s official page and she don’t have any on Facebook.
                  Actually I always think that is nice that fans creating such pages, you can still follow such pages to keep yourself updated but to get Da-hae’s personally written messages or pictures follow her verified accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Weibo 🙂


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