Lee Da-hae in Running Man Episode 290


I know I am very late posting this, but with my busy RL I just had no energy for writing such a long post. Sorry for this ^_^

So now here we are with the second part of “Running ManDubai Special and still with Lee Da-hae and Jung Il Woo as the guests and although it wasn’t one of my favorite episodes but still I enjoyed watching our girl there. I guess seeing her with her smile is enough for me anyway 😀

I think they just spend long time away from the main mission and they ended up cutting a lot of it, may be that is why I thought it was rather a slow episode despite still being funny. I enjoying the last 15 mins the most.

So, lets take a look at our girl’s moments in this episode ❤


The episode started with the first night members spent in Dubai with 4 of them in the desert while the rest who got to score 10 stamps in their mission in the first day enjoying it in luxury hotel. The part showing how they slept in the desert was really funny but their struggles doesn’t end there because once they woke up, all members had to take morning pictures and their breakfast share will be decided by the votes they collect from the locals on those pictures.

Da-hae got the second place among the members in the hotel but the surprise was that Il Woo got zero votes on his picture and ended up getting very small plate for his breakfast 😀


After they are done with breakfast all members met in the desert to start their mission in the Golden Grasshopper treasure hunt. Yoo Jae Suk, Ji Suk Jin and Da-hae are together in the white team (FNC Team it is 😉 ).  Each member has his own hourglass and should be careful not to get out of time. They all started playing kickball in which winner teams will have second chances if their hourglass runs out of time. The white team came last so they didn’t get any second chances and then all teams moved to the next mission location.


They went to the markets area in downtown and rode a ferry that took them to the place where they received their missions. The members are divided into 3 groups each group has 1 member of each team and each group will go to a different market area to search for items. One group will go to the gold market, one to spice market and one to the textile market. The team can leave to the next mission place once all its 3 members returns with the correct item.


Il Woo, Kwang Soo and Da-hae were assigned to search for an item in the textile market and they had to memorize the name of the shop owner and item. The three had hard time keeping those names in their memory and finding the correct shop and item. But Da-hae got to be the first of the three to finally find the correct item and so white team was the first to leave to the final mission location and was given the ultimate clue.


At the final mission location, teams should hide their hourglasses in secured place and start searching for some opportunities to win. And as the stoned grasshopper needs sand to be turned back to gold, to win they have to rip some name tags and in return the sand of those eliminated members will be theirs to use. When a member name tag is ripped, his hourglass will be replaced with another small one that last only for 5 mins.

When white team reached the place and started to search for opportunities, Da-hae was able to find a chance to exchange an hourglass with other teams. It was funny seeing how Suk Jin couldn’t keep his mouth from giving hints to other teams while Da-hae and Jae Suk scolding him 😀


First, white team ripped Gary’s name tag and in return he did rip Jae Suk’s name tag but white team used the chance to exchange his small hourglass with Il Woo’s hourglass.


And although Kwang Soo ripped Da-hae’s name tag but she surely took revenge in a very funny way at the end of the game as she ripped his name tag when he was not paying any attention, LOL 😀 😀


All in all, it was really nice to see Da-hae ripping all those name tags (4 to be exact). Of course it was with help from other member but she surely didn’t back up or stood there doing nothing and was actually initiative in taking moves. In the end, Jae Suk and Da-hae were the only members left and they turned the grasshopper to being gold again and were presented a golden necklace ❤

Credit: SBS


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