Lee Da-hae Leaves FNC Entertainment and Joins JS Pictures


We have got news today that Lee Da-hae decided to part ways with FNC Entertainment after her 2 years contract ended. She joined them in January 2014 and she was still in discussion with them regarding a renewal since earlier this year but eventually she decided to not to renew her contract.

And just few hours after the reports about her leaving FNC came out, we got reports about her signing an exclusive contract with JS Pictures (although they initially denied). The company is a subsidiary of CJ E&M Corporation and while it doesn’t have big names under their management but they are well known for their drama production which includes some good dramas like “Twenty Again”, “Nine”, “Two Weeks”, “Giants”, “History of a Salary Man” and many more.

I am really happy with this news and I have been wishing to read it sooner than later. I have been holding back my complains for two year and not mentioning them here (although doing that on Twitter and Soompi) but I finally can write about it. There is no doubt that FNC did NOTHING for our girl during those last 2 years. We know her last Korean drama “Hotel King” wasn’t by any mean an effort from them and so it means they didn’t get her any projects in her own country and only landed her the Korean-Chines co-produced drama “Best Lover” which yet to have an airing date and that resulted in the longest period we didn’t see Da-hae acting on our screen since her debut, not to mention that she did very few public appearances and CFs during this period and even their updates about her doesn’t deserve to be mentioned. I think the company should just stick to their idols careers and not try so hard to recruit well known actors again because they just end up hurting them.

Enough talking about the past and here is to hope that JS Pictures do a better job than their predecessors and end our girl’s suffer of bad management during the last 5 years. I am sure all her fans are tired already seeing her struggling like this and I just want her to find a good place for herself in this industry. She does deserve this.

With that said, don’t expect seeing Da-hae on a Korean project soon because her next move is again in China (I will refrain from saying more about this until confirmed and detailed news released) but I hope by the end of this year or by the start of next year we hear about a good project for her in Korea.

Credit: As Tagged and Naver


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