Lee Da-hae At ANYA’s Event


As planned Lee Da-hae traveled to Hangzhou, China on the 13th to attend new production launch event for ANYA Cosmetics and she also payed a visit to their office as she will be involved in R&D work with the brand. And as it is just few days before our girl’s birthday so the brand did make a special birthday celebration after the event which was a very nice gesture from them.

I can’t say I loved all our girl’s styling in this trip (outfits or hair) but it is not important when I see her in such a good mood and all smiling ❤

And although we didn’t get pictures from K-Media for her leaving but as usual we got many pictures and also some videos from Chinese fans who welcomed her at the airport in China and also latter attended the event and accompanied her through her activities. So check them below ^^

Arriving at the Airport

At the Event

After the event she sat with media for interviews in which she mentioned about her next project which will be in China and also gave some beauty and skin care tips 🙂

Also she had some photo time with attendees, staff, special guests and fans

And finally some backstage photos (she can’t leave her phone, kkk ^^)

Birthday Celebration

On the 14th at ANYA’s office

After her meetings and tour in the office, the brand prepared for a small fan meeting in which fans showed her this video celebrating Da-hae’s birthday. She got so touched by it that she started crying (whatever the reason it is really hard to see our girl crying RL T__T).

Actually this is a new version of a video Chinese fans prepared back in 2012 to celebrate her birthday with her at the filming site of “Love Actually” in China. They spent months preparing the song in that video (music, lyrics and singing) which was inspired from her message to them in her fan meeting in 2011 in which she said “Let’s make a promise to care for and love each other, to grow old together, even if we are apart and speak different languages, our hearts will be together.” they also collected messages from fans to add to the video and she loved it back then but I guess even after the years the song with the messages in the video still have great effect specially after what she had been going through in her career and life in the past years. You can check the original video here.

Here is the song Lyrics Translation (By Ely_397 @ Soompi)

“Listen to Da hae”

Thinking of you became a daily routine, longing to say goodnight to you at night

Every promise you make, you work hard to deliver

Time will not erase how much we miss you

Seaweeds (your fans) will always be by your side, caring for and loving each other, growing old together

Listen to the sound of the sea (“hae”), like the gentle wind bathing in our souls

We are together, you are never alone

We will be your energy

Listen to the sound of the sea (“hae”), surrounded by blessings and happiness

Spread your wings and fly

Beautiful Da Hae

You will always be our angel

Later she had a celebration dinner with the company’s executives

And as her fans have been with her in all the activities through the two days, she didn’t want them to pay her a goodbye at the airport the next day because she knew they must be tired and it would be hard for them specially that her flight was rather early in the morning. So she told them this through her staff when they asked about her flight no. And so we didn’t get much pictures of her leaving yesterday but some people still spotted her at the airport and so we got a couple of pictures ^^

During this trip Da-hae updated her Weibo multiple times so, let me post those too ^^

Once she arrived she posted the following picture with a message saying “Han Ya cosmetics activities vehicle has arrived to Hangzhou! The weather here is so good, I will go to prepare myself, I’ll see you later dear friends!!

Weibo Update 1

Later during the event, she posted about her cute manager (indirectly spreading the news about her new agency) saying “Lovely/Cute Manager, haha [哈哈][哈哈]” along with pictures of his card on which he put her images and wrote “I am actress LDH’s manager. Nice to meet you.” the job title is “Talent management department / Manager

Lastly she posted the following pictures during the celebration dinner saying “A delicious dinner at the lakeside!![害羞]

Credit: As Tagged, ANYA and Chinese Fans | Translation: Online Translators and Ely_397 @ Soompi


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