Two Months Old Lee Da-hae is Sooo Cute ^_^

Lee Da-hae surprised her fans with such a present today when she posted on her Weibo a picture of herself while she was still 2 months old and I’m here spazzing over the cuteness!! How not to go crazy over those chubby cheeks, thick hair and of course even only 2 months old she did strike a pose with her hand behind her head, kkk 😀

We got to see some of her old pictures posted by some bloggers in Naver but this is actually the first time Da-hae herself post such an old picture and this surely the youngest version we see of her ^_^

Whatever the reason that made her feel she want to share this, I hope it doesn’t go away because I so wish she shows us more of her childhood pictures ❤

Here is the message she posted along with the picture (She of course had to make fun of herself, LOL 😀 )


This picture was taken when I was two months old. Looks like a little boy[嘻嘻][嘻嘻]

Credit: LDH Weibo | Translation: Online Translators



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2 responses to “Two Months Old Lee Da-hae is Sooo Cute ^_^

  1. Awwwwww. Adorbs 🙂


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