Lee Da-hae Takes on Another Chinese Drama


Finally we have official news about Lee Da-hae‘s next project. After her first Chinese drama “Love Actually” in 2012 and her last Korean-Chinese co-produced drama “Best Lover” that is yet to air in China, she is taking another Chinese drama next and it is named “My Goddess, My Mother“.

This is not a surprising news as there has been talk about this drama and our girl’s name attached to it for over a month now but I preferred to wait till we get confirmed news before posting anything about it.

I know this may not be the news many fans wanted to hear but YAY for Da-hae being active and working again!!

Now lets come to the drama details!!

The main drama story is about

A Korean girl called Kang Jin Bo, who is a successful career woman with beauty and talent. She works hard and is well respected in the work place but she harbors a lot of doubts about Korea’s patriarchal wedding traditions and wishes for a freer, more egalitarian family dynamic as her father being a pro American ex military personnel and the mother being a typical Korean mother favoring the son over the daughter. She broke up with her boyfriend in Korea who tried to force her into marriage, in order to pursue her dreams and ambitions in China. At the office, she meets Wu Xiong Xi, a HR manager with whom she ran into before in Korea. Their previous misunderstanding is cleared up and they fall in love, become a couple and get married.

Jin Bo becomes a Chinese daughter in law and begins her life in a Chinese family with her mother-in-law Xu Man Li, who’s described as “prickly as a cactus.” and duo to cultural and educational background differences, they clash and have a string of misunderstandings and arguments but Jin bo is a straight up, no nonsense girl and is the one that the Chinese grandma favors. Both daughter and mother-in-law are kindhearted with only the best intentions for the family and in the end they resolve their differences and live happily ever after.

Our girl obviously plays the daughter in law Kang Jin Bo (the Goddess) and as you can see from the story it is a traditional family drama and it is more female centeric as the story focuses on Jin Bo’s relation with her mother in law Xu Man Li (the mother) which will be played by Jin Xing and the drama will be directed by Liu Guo Tong. There is no much mention of the male lead in the news but we got some veteran male actors attached to this project as well including Qi Liang, Ni Dahong and Zhang Xi Lin and from them and according to age I would assume that most probably “Qi Liang” will play the main lead here.


Qi Liang, Ni Dahong, Zhang Xi Lin

Some may see this rather disappointing if you are looking for romance which apparently not the main focus for the drama but I’m quite glad to see our girl working with some experienced actors and a director with a very good and long resume of projects and awards and although the story doesn’t sound original but I am actually smelling something different from this project compared to Da-hae’s other projects which I find as a good thing because I want to believe that she wants to get out of her comfort zone and change her way of choosing her roles and projects and also want to think that she did find something quite attractive about this project that made her want to do it no matter what.


Jin Xing

In addition to the fact that this would be the first time Da-hae portray such career driven character (I would love to see them spending enough time showing her working persona), the pairing of her with Jin Xing as daughter and mother in law actually makes me quite interested in this project. Jin Xing is no ordinary woman (you can know more about her life story from Wiki or this video). She is a very well known dancer and choreographer and although she may not be that experienced in acting but she is an outspoken and multi talented woman who has been called “poisonous tongue” for her fiery comments and she even has her own Chinese talk show.

So, as much as this pairing might sound odd, shocking or surprising at first but when you think more about it you find that both fit the roles very well and just imagining those two arguing on screen makes me excited!! They also both have somethings in common from both being fluent in Korean, Chinese and English (no communication issues can be there) to how both have so much love for dancing (Da-hae studied bullet and always had a dream to be a dancing teacher) which actually makes me wish to see both of them perform some dance in this drama for whatever reason. It would be a waste if they didn’t use those dancing talents they have in the cast.

Also as Da-hae’s character is actually Korean so her Chinese is not expected to be that perfect and that may make it possible for them to skip dubbing her voice or so I hope.

The drama is said to be 40 episodes long and would start filming in May in both Shanghai and Seoul and expected to air in early 2017 but no mention on which channel. So lets hope we get more updates about it soon.

Credit: Google and Baidu | Translation: Dramabeans, Ely_397 @ Soompi



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4 responses to “Lee Da-hae Takes on Another Chinese Drama

  1. samzzy

    Aq, I love your description more than any write up out there because it’s more informative.
    When you brought about dancing, I hope they can insert some traditional dance movement which eventually closing the gap between them. Both are mastered in Traditional dance right.
    wah, I cannot wait, one of her project that I’m so interested with, and first time without thinking about who the handsome co-star is.


    • Thanks dear ^^
      And yah, I really hope that dancing scene wish comes true. May be Korean Traditional Dance Vs Chinese Traditional Dance competition between the daughter and mother in law 😀


  2. *sigh*
    I wish she returns to K-dramaland with a great project after she completes this one.
    Anyway, all the best to her for this new project and role!


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