Lee Da-hae Shoots New Ads for ANYA and Guests on MBC “Section TV” – [Updated w/ Translation]

After 2 years of being the brand’s model, Lee Da-hae is finally shooting a new series of Ads for ANYA Cosmetics. It is surely about time for that 🙂

I have been disappointed on how low key the brand’s promotion activities during the last 2 years but it is nice to see them more active now after inviting Da-hae to their new product’s launch event earlier this month and their continues updates about her on their Weibo, now with shooting those new Ads. I hope we see them using those new Ads soon.

And while shooting the Ads on the 29th of April, our girl also recorded a short interview with MBC “Section TV” program which was aired today. It has been so long time since we saw our girl doing an interview so this was a very nice surprise.

Check below for caps and videos from the interview and some BTS pictures from the Photoshoot ^^

Unfortunately there is part of the interview that wasn’t uploaded by MBC but here is a translation for the full interview

Narrator: Be it romantic comedy, historical drama, her heartfelt acting, Le Dae Hae can deliver with perfection
(caption: regardless of genre, the multi talented Lee Da Hae)
DH: Hello! Section TV viewers and friends, how are you? I am Lee Da Hae. Long time no see.
(caption: actress Lee Da Hae is full of unique charm)
Narrator: We saw Lee Da Hae at a CF shooting in Gangnam. Her bright smile and elegance were really beautiful.
(caption: in the middle of shooting a CF for a cosmetic brand)
Interviewer: We invited the radiant and sparkly actress Lee Da Hae. Hello!
DH: Hello! How are you? Very nice to see you. Han Xin, how have you been?
Interviewer: How have you been…?
DH: Yes. How have you been?
Interviewer: This is the first time we have met. *laughs*. I heard today is the shooting of a cosmetics CF. Should we celebrate?
DH: Yes. This is a contract renewal.
Interviewer: I know you have done a lot of CFs for cosmetics. (What is the secret?)
DH: I made a good first step. I was able to go far with my first CF. Isn’t that great? I want to be the spokesperson for long life/longevity.
(caption: you have been praising yourself nonstop)
(caption: contract renewal is love, want to be spokesperson for long life CF)
Interviewer: It was your birthday recently, wasn’t it?
DH: Yes. My Chinese fans organised a birthday party for me. I spent it with many Chinese fans.
Narrator: Through Love Actually, she became a Hallyu star/goddess in China and an idol for many Chinese fans. She also went on variety shows.
Interviewer: What is the extent of your popularity in China? Is it like, you raise a hand and the fans will all scream?
DH: It is more like two hands. (haha)
Interviewer: Da-hae just finished a Chinese Korean drama with Zhoumi, and is about to do another Chinese drama. Do you speak Chinese with the Chinese crew?
DH: The interpreter will help with the more difficult language, but most of the time I will speak in Chinese.
Interviewer: I love you (in Chinese)
DH: I do not love you (in Chinese) (haha)
Interview: I understood that. Da-hae is too determined. In order to understand DH a bit more, we will play a truth or misconception game.
First statement: DH was born with a good figure.
DH: It is more like 50/50.
Interviewer: Many women are envious of her figure. What is your secret?
(caption: eye-catching figure of a model)
DH: I am grateful to my mother for my height.
Interviewer: The rest is up to you to maintain it?
DH: I used to work very hard to exercise and to lose weight, but I am a bit tired these days.
Interviewer: Second statement: DH is a princess. Do you look like this when you are sleeping?
DH: Of course not. I wish it was true.
Interviewer: Are you sure?
DH: I would be scared if it was true. I fall asleep sometimes while having a skin treatment. Because I have been so tired lately, I worry about snoring.
Interviewer: That is so cute.
(caption: cute skin maintenance employee)
DH: It is embarrassing!
Narrator: It has been 12 years since she starred in Lotus Flower Fairy, and her perfect acting won her the Best New Actress Award.
DH: I still remember vividly the night of the awards, and because I had achieved a goal to a certain extent, I was so happy that I was in tears.
Narrator: Since then, she has showcased her versatile acting through romantic comedy and action dramas.
Interviewer: Which genre are you most suited for?
DH: I am more suited for romcom roles like the one in My Girl. I felt very happy during shooting and was full of positive energy. I would like to challenge myself with a movie role next. (looking at the camera) Please look after me. (haha)
(caption: directors please contact me)
Interviewer: Look forward to Da Hae being active and her activities.

Yah, I really hope your wish and our wish for your Movie Debut can come true Da-hae!!

And here are some screen Caps and BTS pictures from the interview (I love that she did it with her hair down ^^)

And some BTS pictures of the photoshoot (Da-hae in white is always glowing ❤ )

Credit: As Tagged, MBC and JS Pictures Facebook | Translation: Ely_397@Soompi


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