Lee Da-hae Starts Filming “My Goddess, My Mother”

Sad Scene 1

It has been a busy week with so many pictures of Lee Da-hae as she started filming her Chinese drama “My Goddess, My Mother” in Shanghai.

After she traveled on the 30th of April, she first attended a get together meeting with the cast and staff of the drama, then on the 3rd of May they had a prayer ceremony and started filming right after. I guess the main advantage of her working in China is that we get to have so many BTS pictures as the locations are more accessible and also with many fans of hers.

From those pictures we now have our first look on the main couple filming and although it is still early to say anything about her pairing with Qi Liang but at least it is nice to see them getting along and comfortable enough around each other in such short time and I am actually curious what vibe they will give off on screen. Now I am so looking forward to see see pictures of her filming with Jin Xing next 😉

Check below for the latest updates about the drama cast and also pictures and videos from all events and filming ^^


Jia Jing Hui (贾景晖), Liu Xiao Xiao (刘小小), Dong Wei Jia (董维嘉), Hwang Saem (황샘/黄以娜)

We now know more of the actors and actresses in the drama cast although we don’t know all the details about their roles. The news mentioned the names of Jia Jing Hui (贾景晖), Liu Xiao Xiao (刘小小) who will play the role of hero’s little sister, Dong Wei Jia, Hwang Saem who was a member of Korean idol group (Rania) and will be playing the role of our heroine’s friend.

Now to the pictures and videos ❤

The Get Together Meeting

The Praying Ceremony

First Scene Da-hae filmed (This seems to be a sad scene but I so love Da-hae’s look here)

First look on the main couple

A Movie Date

We also have some videos from the filming of this scene

Choosing Ring

And here is a BTS video of that scene

Da-hae the bride ❤

I think this scene was with Dong Wei Jia (our girl looks so skinny in this red jacket 😦 )

Credit: As Tagged via Weibo and IG



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4 responses to “Lee Da-hae Starts Filming “My Goddess, My Mother”

  1. Ely

    Thanks for all the updates! Am so looking forward to this that I almost forgot about Best Couple! I really really hope that after MGMM she will get to do a Korean project, be it drama or variety show. Fingers crossed!


    • Yah dear, I hope so as well *crossing fingers here too* Or at least if she still stick to China, I hope it will be a movie next time.
      Not sure about BC/BL anymore, for worst case scenario I am preparing myself that we may not see it this year at all but I hope this won’t be the case.


  2. Mintea

    I love her so much I just hope she gets better projects soon. My greatest with is for her to have a supernatural/dancing drama with LDW T_T


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