More of “My Goddess, My Mother” BTS Pictures

Fans Visit 1

Those past couple of weeks have been somehow quite when it comes to Lee Da-hae‘s news and updates but we know that she is actually very busy with filming “My Goddess, My Mother” during this period and luckily we still got some BTS pictures from filming.

Also some of her Chinese fans visited the drama set few times to support her, bringing her gifts and also brought us a couple of news about the drama. For me one is good and the other is….I am quite disappointed to hear.

Check after the cut to judge yourself and also to check the BTS pictures!

First, here are the latest updates from our girl’s Weibo and Instagram. She said that she is enjoying the warm weather in Shanghai these days ❤

When fans visited the set, they got to know some info from Da-hae and the staff about the drama. So first the good news is that they will be using her voice in the drama which is surely the right way to go since she is portraying a Korean girl after all but I had my doubts and so this confirmation makes me happy and hopefully the production will stick to that till the end!!

The other news is that it seems that Jin Xing role may not be as big as we thought when we read the plot or even as the title implies and seems that she doesn’t have that many scenes in the drama overall (I think Da-hae didn’t film any scenes with her yet). I guess when I heard that I honestly felt betrayed and my vision about how this drama will be is now gone as it may mean that the DIL and MIL relation is not the big highlight here. And so I would assume that it will be all about Jin Bo (Da-hae’s Character) and her journey in China to find her happiness and career success.

And with those inputs, I wish our girl can do her best with her performance and Chinese because she is surely will be lifting most of this drama on her shoulders and it will depend on her for this drama to be a success or not for the most part and it is not an easy job specially with a lengthy drama like this. I wish her the best of luck! Fighting!

And now here is some of the pictures fans took when visited her

And finally more BTS pictures we got (Seems they filmed a lot of scenes in restaurants 😀 )

Credit: As Tagged, LDH Weibo and Instagram



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4 responses to “More of “My Goddess, My Mother” BTS Pictures

  1. Ely

    Thanks for the update! It would be a real shame if Jin Xing only gets a small part. I know she has a busy schedule with her dance company. I am still keeping my fingers crossed because surely they can’t deviate from the original plot too much. If it is just about Jin Bo’s personal journey to happiness in China, it will be a stretch to do more than 20 episodes based on that storyline alone.

    Great news indeed that her voice won’t be dubbed. I think that is the main reason she agreed to do this drama.


    • About dubbing, I think may be they will need to make her record some dialogue in studio but all in all it is a very good news indeed and hopefully they keep their promise (because we know how in LA they made a buzz about Da-hae speaking her dialogue Chinese but they ended up dubbing her voice anyway)

      And about Jin Xin, I am not in a good mood since I learned about this because with such lengthy drama, they need to have many story arcs and strong characters interaction or it will be quite boring to watch. And with the MIL character having small part and the lack of info about other characters, I am not sure what to think. And also I thought having JX as a main character would help the drama be more popular as well.

      I am lowering my expectations now.


  2. Ely

    I know what you mean! It will be kind of strange for Jin Xin to have a small part though because she does not seem the type to lend her name just to hype up a drama. Maybe they are not filming in sequence because of her travel plans. One thing for sure is that Da Hae will get a lot of praise for doing her lines in Chinese. 😊


    • I wouldn’t call it that even if she has small part. Because actors can take small parts but how effective is the role is what matters. Her role is surely important to the story even if she has small air time.

      Also her acting experiences are not that much either so it is understandable if she gets smaller parts at start and I think that is the case with her previous roles as well.

      In all cases, I am hoping for the best and I hope that the drama gets a good buzz so our girl’s effort will be seen by many.


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