Lee Da-hae Filming at Oriental Pearl Tower

오! 동방명주! #상해 #관광객놀이 #나의여신 나의어머니

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After returning to Shanghai after short break in South Korea, Lee Da-hae continues filming her drama “My Goddess, My Mother“. She posted on her Weibo and Instagram some pictures at Oriental Pearl Tower while filming some scenes for the drama.

Also thanks to fans visiting the filming set and the drama outside shooting we got some BTS pictures ❤

And here are the BTS pictures ^^

And from another fan visit, I spotted Jung Gyu Woon in those pictures so seems that our girl will have another reunion in this drama. He guest played her late husband in her drama “Robber” back in 2008 and may be here he will play her brother or ex-fiancee/boyfriend 🙂

Also I knew from fans that filming for scenes in China will end next month and then they will continue filming in Korea.

Credit: As Tagged, LDH Weibo and IG


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