Lee Da-hae Receives a Visit from Her “Love Actually” Co-Star and Friend Fang Anna

DH and Anna

This is so sweet!! I always love to see how our girl keeps her friendship and relation with many of her previous co-stars even after many years and even if living miles away.

On the 5th of June Fang Anna, our girl’s co-star in her first Chinese drama “Love Actually” payed her a visit on the set of her drama “My Goddess, My Mother” in Shanghai and bringing some drinks for the cast and crew as well. Since they acted together back in 2012 Lee Da-hae and Anna developed a close friendship on set and continued it even after the drama ending with Anna visiting Da-hae multiple times in Korea and even bringing some of her own friends a long. Anna is a very nice girl and they both are really lovely together ❤

Check below more of the pictures they took together on set which both posted on their Weibo accounts ^^

On the 5th Anna posted this message :

I promised you, if you come to China to film I must visit the set, I do as promised. When we meet, always have a lot to talk about.  When we have to separate, say bye bye separate time but really didn’t want to go. [泪] miss u soooooo much …. @LeeDaHae

Then yesterday our girl updated with this message:

Anna! Thank you for coming to my studio to find me! love you 

Also to complete the “Love Actually” family interactions. I saw our girl’s child co-star in the drama (he was her nephew) is commenting on her Weibo post saying:

[爱你][爱你] It is beautiful Aunty @LeeDaHae

HOW CUTE!!! ^_^

Now here are the pictures Da-hae and Anna posted

Also we got other pictures from that visit from another girl who I think is Anna’s friend who may be accompanied her in one of her visits to Korea and so became also a friend to Da-hae 🙂

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