Lee Da-hae’s Drama “Best Lover” First Official Trailer

YAAAAAY!!! Could we throw a party here?! ^_^

After 6 months since the drama finished filming, finally we got the first official trailer for Lee Da-hae‘s Korean-Chinese co-produced drama “Best Lover” which Mango Entertainment (one of the drama producers) released today in the 22nd Shanghai TV Festival along with the above poster.

Although the trailer is just one min long but the excitement of seeing my girl’s acting again after almost two years is making me really emotional right now and it does help that the trailer actually looks quite good despite the dubbing and I can say that it is a nice first impression. I am specially liking the music and song used in it and the 419 couple looks good there ❤

The drama doesn’t have a broadcasting date still despite the initial reports that it will air in January and some reports later for it to air on 31st May which obviously didn’t happen but at least we still see they are planning to air it this year. Hopefully that would happen ASAP.

Now check the trailer below 🙂

And here are some HD caps from the trailer ^^

Credit: Mango Entertainment



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2 responses to “Lee Da-hae’s Drama “Best Lover” First Official Trailer

  1. I was wondering what happened to this drama! It looks like it’s going to be cute, but dramatic with the romance. Looking forward to watching it, hopefully they will give us an air date soon and someone chooses to sub it ^^


    • Yah, I was preparing myself to not see it this year at all but now I am hopeful again.
      I like what I see in this trailer. I don’t understand but I did smile watching and it is a short drama so we should hope for no dragging or so much fillers.

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