Lee Da-hae’s Drama “My Goddess, My Mother” Releases Promotional Posters

When it rains, it pours!! and I can’t complain about that when the rain is coming with Da-hae’s news 😀

A couple of days ago and also to do some marketing during the 22nd Shanghai TV Festival, Lee Da-hae‘s drama “My Goddess, My Mother” released some promotional posters introducing the drama’s main cast in the first official news about the drama in China.

It is better not to talk much about the posters since they just photo-shopped the cast together and I also don’t like my girl’s pose or style in here but I still appreciate any effort in promote this drama which is still filming. I hope they keep doing a good job till we see the drama on air.

Check below for the Full cast poster and BTS pictures from media and fans ❤

In the news they mentioned more details on the characters, especially on the supporting cast. Jin Xing will play the extremely controlling MIL while veteran actor Ni Dahong will play her husband. It is said both father and son worship their respective wives but often find themselves stuck between the DIL/MIL. Jin Xing’s character will be multi faceted because not only will she play the controlling MIL, she will also play the adoring wife and the competitive SIL to her husband’s siblings fighting for the attention of her own MIL. Also we now know that the production team from WGM is involved on the artistic side and also the fashion in the drama and aside from the main story there will be fun themes such as “My ex girlfriend is going out with your childhood friend” and “My sister likes my girlfriend’s best friend’s boyfriend” in the drama as well.

Also media have released some BTS pictures of Da-hae and Qi Liang at the same day when Fang Anna visited the set, I love those pictures so very much because of my girl’s pretty wide smile ❤

And here are more BTS ^^

Credit: As Tagged and Ely_379 @ Soompi


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