Lee Da-hae Films Cameo for Chinese Drama “Love Through a Millennium 2”

Although there is no official news released about this yet but I still wanted to post about it ^^

Early last month and on a day off from filming her drama “My Goddess, My Mother“, Lee Da-hae filmed for what seems to be a special appearance/cameo for the Chinese drama “Love Through a Millennium 2“. The first part was the Chinese remake of “Queen In-hyun’s Man” which aired last year.

This part stars Chinese actors Wei Da Xun, Janice Man, and Korean actress Yoo In Na who was the heroine of OIHM and directing is Korean director Kim Byung Soo the director of OIHM, “Nine”, “The Three Musketeers” and “Bubblegum” and the writer is Park Young Sook who wrote “Full House Take 2”, “Soul” and was also the writer of our girl’s 2007 drama “Hello! Miss“.

She filmed the scene with the hero Wei Da Xun and it seems to be taken in a night club with Da-hae’s crazy outfit and bowling game with Champagne bottles!!  I’m actually quite excited about this cameo and if it ended up being as fun as our girl’s cameo with Rain in “Fugitive: Plan B” I will be so happy 😉

It is quite nice to see our girl making such a rare cameo and specially that it is actually with quite a good director there. The drama set to air in September this year on Hunan TV.

Check below for more BTS pictures ❤

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