Lee Da-hae’s Chinese Fans Visit “My Goddess, My Mother” Filming Set


Yesterday Lee Da-hae‘s Chinese fans have paid her a visit on the set of her latest drama “My Goddess, My Mother” in Shanghai and held the event in which they planned for over the last month to support our girl and the drama cast and crew presenting them with some gifts and food while filming after collecting funds from fans of about 10.000 Yuan.

Although we (international fans) weren’t able to participate that much in the funding for the event but thanks a lot to Ely for participating and thanks to Chinese fans for helping to send her our support through a simple banner I have designed and they generously printed. It is a wish come true seeing that picture above, I am so happy right now and hope you feel the same as well!!

Our girl updated her Weibo with some picture from the event thanks fans for all the support that touched her heart ❤

Check below for some pictures 🙂

I love how her Chinese fans are always detailed in all their preparations for such events and specially like those small statues of her character they made. SO CUTE ^_^

Other Pictures 🙂

And this is the original design for the banner ^^


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5 responses to “Lee Da-hae’s Chinese Fans Visit “My Goddess, My Mother” Filming Set

  1. Ely

    That is such a lovely poster, ap! It is really beautiful! Da Hae looks genuinely happy in these photos. Such heartwarming feels! 😊


  2. Ilovkd

    Such a thoughtful pretty gift! Am so impressed by all yr support and dedication to make the event so special. Thot was going to see some standard gifts n flowers but look at that😍✨👍🏻 Dahae ssi I love yr fans too😘


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