Open Set Day For “My Goddess, My Mother”


Yesterday on the 14th of July, the Chinese media visited the set of “My Goddess, My Mother” and met with the main cast.

Attending was Lee Da-hae, Jin Xing, Qi Liang, Wei Da Xun and Ni Dahong. So yah, finally we go our first look at the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law interacting both in drama and behind the scenes.

I really love the atmosphere between the cast during their press conference time, their interaction is so fun and I am sure the set is so enjoyable and hopefully the drama will end up to be like that as well 😀

Check below for pictures and videos with some translation of what they told us during their interview and what media reported about the drama ^^

The talk show star JX was the center of the questions as her casting for this drama was as well 😉

The media reported that one of the highlights of the day is that Da-hae did the interview and answered all the questions from media in Chinese without any pressure and it is reported that she will also say all her lines in the drama in Chinese, the lines are all in Chinese, and gave her a full mark in Chinese for her language skills. Da-hae mentioned that to make career development in China, you need to learn Chinese well, and the only way is keep practicing. At the same time, she don’t reject the idea of marrying a foreign man as the most important is people’s choice.

Da-hae admitted that because she plays a Korean character, it is relatively easy but she also said she is admires Jinbo’s (her character) bravery as she decided to go live alone in a different country. And commenting about her feeling about the cooperation with JX (who is known for her sharp tongue) she mentioned that initially she was very nervous and scared about meeting JX but JX invited the cast and crew to her house and they ate, chatted and got close to each other and she is completely not afraid anymore. They have no problem communicating because JX speaks Korean as well which is big help to Da-hae on the set. And about their characters she said that their misunderstandings are mainly caused by cultural reasons.

JX mentioned about the being the least experienced among the drama cast and plays a controlling mother-in-law but with good intentions-so, when her son and daughter-in-law wanted to buy a house she suggested the house next door, and because she has keys to their house she would go there unannounced (one time when they were asleep), prompting the daughter-in-law to change the locks. Her onscreen husband (played by Ni Dahong) scolded her for this and it actually made her cry for real (she jokingly complained that he was too harsh on her).

She said that she is grateful to act alongside with veteran actor Ni Dahong and she wouldn’t be in this drama if it is not for him. She also mentioned that in real life she plays the role of the quiet wife because she wants the kids to look up to their father. Then she joked about kicking him in the bed room afterwards 😀

It was also reported that the original drama name was “Korean DIL/Chinese MIL” but JX thought the name was meh and suggested “My Goddess My Mother” instead and the new name was welcome by all.

About their thoughts of working with JX, QL said that he uses JX as a character “test”, if a person stands far away from JX, it means he/she has something to hide.

On the other hand, WDX (who plays the husband’s ex-girlfriend who is strong, beautiful, successful and rich that the mother is worried her son will have no control over her, and so attempts to split them up) said she was so worried about the angry scenes with JX that she had to drink some red wine beforehand to get into the mood and she said to JX off screen “I am a good person please do not scold me” after doing a 90 degree bow to her.

Finally, our girl reportedly will finish filming in China early August and will continue filming some scenes in Korea.

Now time for the videos ❤

Credit: As Tagged, Chinese Media and YT Channels | Translation: Ely_397@Soompi and Online Translators


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