Three Day Quotes Challenge With Lee Da-hae!!

I am months late responding to the nominations of “Three Day Quotes Challenge” from my chingus from Dramajjang and The Philosipher’s Chair. Really thank you for this nomination and sorry for this, real life was a bit hectic at that time and this was forgotten along the way but here I am giving my post with the three quotes at once ^_^

You know I’m loyal to the purpose of this blog so I tried to post quotes that either was in a Lee Da-hae drama or ones that makes me remember her or I want to direct to her. Lets start!!

Quote 1: You change first

This may be my favorite quote in a Da-hae drama from one of my favorite characters ever no less.

Running away will not change anything. Having the strength or wisdom to face adversities is never going to matter. If you only have the will to face adversity, you can always lean onto others for wisdom and strength. If you don’t change first, the world is never going to change on its own.
We don’t know what the future holds for us, what happened in the past can never be more important than what is set to happen in the future. What marked our past can never decide our future – General Song Tae Ha (Chuno)

Quote 2: Walk the path

I really hope our girl will always walk the path

A path is not simply for walking. Its purpose lies in moving forward and improving oneself. A path that fails to do this is not a path. The path is open to everyone but not anyone can walk it – Jang Geu Rae (Misaeng)

Quote 3: Hard celebrity life

We know how many times Da-hae was criticized or attacked due to some stupid reasons or double standards and sometimes with no specific reason at all. Every time I read some of those kind of articles or comments on celebrities I do remember what our girl did post on her Twitter.

It hurts to know that there are more people in the world who are more interested and busy focusing in one person’s flaws than those people who applaud other’s great deeds – Lee Da Hae

Finally as most of my blog sphere friends were already nominated long time ago, so I am not nominated anyone.


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