Lee Da-hae is Drowning in “My Goddess, My Mother”

MGMM Still 2

Lee Da-hae‘s Chinese Drama “My Goddess, My Mother” is entering the final stretch as they should be finished filming in China early next month and then will spend about a week filming in Korea which means it will finish filming by mid August.

In the middle of the busy schedule, the production gave us some stills from a drowning scene for Jin Bo (Da-hae’s character) and apparently her husband is there for the rescue.

I always love any scenes related to water, either by the beach or swimming or even such drowning scene which have some underwater filming that I welcome to see. Hope the result will give justice to the scene and the efforts the actors and staff have done filming it.

Also we have been in a feast of BTS pictures and videos thanks to fans. Check all of that below ^_^

The rest of the stills

A contract singing ceremony scene

Our girl updated her Weibo with the first three pictures from this scene. I really love her in that dress ❤

And videos from that scene

Hospital scene

Scene on support event day

This scene was filmed at the same day the fans organized the support event, I am guessing the old lady is the grandmother 🙂

And a video from this scene

Birthday Party

And a video from that scene

Other scenes

I am not sure what is the business they are involved in since the plot didn’t mention this specifically. I thought first it may be office work which I would welcome to see since Da-hae didn’t do that before but with more BTS pictures we see and the filming locations it feels more like hotel business which if true would be something I am not that excited to see since we have seen our girl doing this in 2 of her dramas before. Hope it is more than this, may be event planning??

Credit: As Tagged and LDH Chinese Fans


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