Lee Da-hae Finishes Filming Scenes in China for “My Goddess, My Mother”

LDH Weibo

The filming journey of Lee Da-hae‘s Chinese drama “My Goddess, My Mother” is close to coming to an end with the cast already finished today filming scenes in China and the remaining are only some scenes in Korea which will take another week or 10 days to film.

Da-hae updated her Weibo today with some pictures with the main cast on a yakht while they were filming their final scenes. I really love those pictures a lot with Da-hae looking so bright with her wide smile and the staff and cast looking so funny with some flying hair 😀

Also some staff members from ANYA Cosmetics, the brand Da-hae endorse, visited her on set taking close look at her while filming and interviewing her. And Da-hae presented some of the brand products to the drama staff.

Check all the pictures from the visit and more BTS pictures below

Here are the rest of the pictures Da-hae posted in Weibo

Pictures from ANYA’s staff visit

From the interview with her, she expressed that she feels very lucky to work with Jin Xing and that it is an interesting experience and revealed that they get along pretty well on set. Also we got confirmation that Jin Bo will indeed be a working as a hotel manager. Da-hae gave some beauty tips mentioning that Sunscreen is essential while she films out door.

Now more BTS pictures ^_^

At Hospital

(Seems Jin Bo having hard time 😦 )

At Airport

(We get to see our main couple kiss BTS picture for the first time ❤ and I love how Da-hae and Jung Gyu Woon are playful together on set)


Credit: As Tagged, ANYA and Chinese Fans


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