Lee Da-hae At “True Love” Charity Concert

True Love Concert 20

Oh the Olympics has been taking almost all of my free time. I even missed celebrating the third anniversary of the blog which was on the 9th and didn’t remember it until I saw WordPress notification a couple of days later!! sorry for not being able to make a special post for that but I have to thank all of you who have been here for this long, reading my thoughts about our girl ❤

Now back to Our girl, as per plan Lee Da-hae attended “True Love” charity concert on the 6th in Chengdu, China. I am not fond of our girl’s dress or hairstyle there but I do like her makeup and she looked quite nice and fit for the event.

There have been really a lot pictures posted so it took quite sometime to collect all and chose the best to post here. Check them below along with some fan taken videos 😉

Once our girl finished filming scenes in China for “My Goddess, My Mother” on the 5th she left Shanghai to Chengdu which she arrived late that day. She updated her Weibo when she was leaving Shanghai with the first picture below and some fans, media and staff did welcome her at the airport in Chengdu so we got more pictures of her arrival ^^

Next day (the day of the event) she first done some interviews with media and took some photo time before the event started.

She mentioned that it was her first time to come to Chengdu but she thinks it is really a beautiful and clean city and she liked eating “Hot Pot” 🙂

Here is a videos for the interview although not very clear as it is from live broadcast and I didn’t find a better version

At the concert, although our girl didn’t sing or dance 😉 but I so loved her entry with dancers dancing to “My Girl” Drama OST before they finally revealed her. The crowd were also so passionate seeing her ❤

After introducing herself and a short Q&A with the MC, there was a fan who came from a distant city to see our girl who was invited to the stage giving our girl a very pretty flower bouquet. Then our girl showed her donation with 3 precious personal items that she offer in the charity auction. A dress and shoes she personally chosen to film one of the important scenes in her latest drama and a ceramic pot that were hand made by one of Da-hae’s friends and gifted to her with a wish that her life and career will be like ceramic smooth, soft yet tough (such a meaningful wish!!). With those items she collected 100,000 Yuan in hope to help more patients with nasal defects to live a happy life.

Here is a fan taken video of Da-hae’s entry

Also Da-hae’s manager posted some picture from backstage on his Weibo

Right after the event, our girl gone to the airport travelling to Korea. She changed at the airport for more casual attire and she coincidentally met Song Ji Hye there as she was also attending an event in Chengdu on the same date 🙂

Credit: As Tagged and Chinese Media


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