The Future of Lee Da-hae Chinese Dramas

I’m sorry that I am delivering some bad news in this post but I can’t ignore mentioning it as I know many fans already eager to know any news about seeing Lee Da-hae on screen again specially with her being done filming 2 Dramas already for which we have been waiting to hear some news of their airing date.

Unfortunately seems our wait won’t be ending soon. There have been multiple news about China’s intent to restrict/ban Korean stars and their activities and projects in the country some were not quite accurate and many were confusing, but even though things still not clear and no confirmed news stating to what extent they are going to take that, it seems it will be hard to cast Korean stars in Chinese projects in the future or until something new come up and seems like some projects have been already affected even though it wasn’t publicly shared that this latest news were the reason behind those changes.

For the reason behind all this, I think this article is quite useful to read. While I’m not in place to judge the reasons behind this (I hate politics) but all I can say is that it is a big mess and it just feels wrong to ignore all the hard work people involved have done in the already done or contracted projects!!

Now the question, how this will affect our girl’s dramas “Best Lover” and “My Goddess, My Mother“?

Until recently there was still announcements that BL will air this year as planned but seems our girl did get some news that its airing date is pushed back indefinitely as per what she said to some Chinese Fans. Also it seems that we may even won’t be able to see the cameo Da-hae filmed for “Love Through A Millennium 2” which is supposed to air next month.

For MGMM, seems the drama is a bit safe for now and they did continue their filming schedule as planned even after the news broke out including filming in Korea and in one interview few days ago with Da-hae’s drama co-star it was mentioned that the drama is still planning to air in spring next year. I hope this will keep being the case specially knowing how hard our girl worked on this drama specifically but also be prepared in case things changed for this.

I know, it is frustrating but nothing we can do but wish that our girl will pick another project soon and also for this situation to be solved some how so we can see her dramas she worked hard filming.

Now, although I planned posting this when the drama announce airing date but as we don’t know when it will see the light anymore I decided posting those posters for “Best Lover” here instead.

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