♥ Lee Da-hae and Se7en Confirmed to be Dating ♥


I’m a bit late to the party but here I am 😉

On the 7th of September, news broke about Lee Da-hae and Korean singer Se7en being a couple which was later confirmed by their agencies!!

This is the first publicly confirmed relationship for our girl and I would like to think that this means something special. Before getting into more details I would like to congratulate both and wish them happiness ❤

I’m not a person who like to follow artists private/love life but you know that when it comes to our girl I can’t help but care about every detail 🙂


Firstly the news came out through a report by Sports Chosun.

According to the report, Se7en and Da-hae have become lovers from old friends and that the two avoided the public eye by having dates inside their cars within Korea but often enjoyed dates outside of Korea.

An insider stated, “The two have been close friends for a long time. When hard times struck, they relied on each other and naturally became more than just friends. It seems to have been about a year since they began dating and those around them are well aware of this. They enjoy dates in places such as Thailand and Hong Kong. They are a beautiful couple to watch.”


Later Dispatch made a report confirming this dating news with evident pictures (posted on the top of this post)

They unveiled a photo of the two stars on a date, the photos were reportedly taken around mid-August at a hotel lounge in Thailand in which they spent about a week (So all people now knows where Da-hae went in her vacation 😀 )

They also mentioned that this trip was at the same time period that Se7en posted a photo of a cocktail from the hotel’s lounge on his Instagram. However, the post no longer exists on his Instagram account.

Dispatch also claims that both took a trip together to Macao back in April this year.


Then both agencies confirmed the news through press releases

Lee Da-hae’s agency JS Pictures stated, “Lee Da Hae and Se7en are same-age friends who naturally became lovers and started dating. We ask that you look upon their dating warmly and continue to be interested in their artist activities.”

Likewise, Se7en’s agency ELEVEN9 said, “The pair became a source of strength for each other during difficult times and have been dating with good feelings for months. Thank you for loving our artist and we ask that you continue to look upon our artist warmly and support him.”


After the public confirmation Se7en shared what Da-hae means to him in a phone calls with Yonhap News and Daily Sports

Se7en said, “She is someone who accepted me innocently/genuinely without prejudice. She is someone I am grateful for, someone who was by my side when things were rough. I’m careful/cautious as I’m most worried about her feelings and position, please look upon us kindly/warmly.”

“She stands by me when I feel weary. She is someone who I want to treasure and protect”


With the news coming out, some old posts of a sighting of them have gained attention. From what I understand of the above post, the blogger mentioned about her friend (a flight attendant) who spotted the two stars affectionate together on their flight to Vietnam. This post was published back in November 2015. Also some news reports claim the couple has been seen in December 2015 travelling together on the KTX train to Busan.

Looking into their friendship history, many fans already know about that for many years and they have many common friends as well. We knew about their friendship since 2010 when Da-hae started using SNS and opened her Twitter account but we are not sure how much back they go.

They had many conversations on twitter along with other common friends and she did support his comeback in 2010 with this tweet

And also when he opened his Spicy steamed chicken restaurant “Yeolbong Jjimdak 열봉찜닭

Also in February 2011 she posted the pictures below of her eating and enjoying food at the restaurant 🙂


And later on her birthday, he wished her happy birthday ^^

Also in 2011 both attended “Little Black Dress” movie VIP premier and sitting together during the movie.


This report is really nice with a summary about their relationship ^^

Also MBC program “Section TV” reported about the news and showed a part of Da-hae interview with the program last May and was edited out so we didn’t actually see this part before.

In that part, she was asked about her ideal type and she said “Cute and well behaved man” and since we know now that she did that interview while dating Se7en so I guess she was referring to him there 😉

With all the facts now stated and without digging much into the past, I would like to give my statement about the responses on this news.

I know that this news mostly came with a shock. Many fans either worried on the harm that this dating news might cause to Da-hae’s image and career (which is already suffering for the past years) because of Se7en’s previous long relationship and past incident during his military service and his own damaged image in Korea or sad seeing that Dong-Hae couple ship sinking now with this news.

But what I want to say is that they are grown up people who can decide their own way in life and I am sure that our girl’s decision is not taken on a whim but with much thoughts about her own happiness and with their long time friendship I am sure she can judge the man better than anyone else.

So, I hope all fans support our girl’s decision even if our wishes could have been something else specially that we know how the responses to this would be. As fans we shouldn’t hold back our idol or force our own preferences and desires on her.

And for this couple, hope going public doesn’t affect their relationship as I am sure it is not an easy step. So from this point on, I wish they can be honest to their own feelings without pressure from people who shouldn’t be concerned and decide for themselves what they want to do with their relationship in the future.

Da-hae shi, be happy. As long as you are happy, I’m be happy too and for Se7en, Please take care of our most precious girl ❤

Finally, the song of the day is “I’m Good” by Se7en which was released in July. I guess he may had “someone” in mind while composing this song in addition to his fans of course 😉

Now I can’t wait to hear his album that he plans to release next month 🙂

Credit: As Tagged | News: Soompie, Allkpop, Koreaherald and Koreaboo | Translation: Ely @ Soompi



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8 responses to “♥ Lee Da-hae and Se7en Confirmed to be Dating ♥

  1. Jean

    Congrats lee da hae. I’d been waiting for so long for you to have a happy relationship. I wish that both of us have loving, caring relationship that lasts forever!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m quite happy that Da Hae is dating actually. I don’t know, I feel that it is time for her to be in a steady relationship. All the best to her and Se7en ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    • She surely dated before but this is her first public relationship. I actually thought she will never go public with any of her dating since she is quite a private person 😊
      But as u said she surely at the age to have a steady relationship. I am hoping for the best to them, Their happiness is what matters the most ❤


      • Mila Abad

        Hi, I am a long time LDW & LDH follower. I was so hurt with what’s happening perhaps same with many others who love them dearly and it will take sometime before we could move on, that is the reality. I know many are pretending to be ok and strong but deep inside, their hearts are bleeding … In as much as we love seeing Da Hae happy let us not also forget her used to be other half, Lee Dong Wook, who might also be coping up with what’s going on. Please let us not abandon our Donghae couple, the original one … I don’t think it’s bad if we continue shipping them as partners because we love them. Guys, this is not the end of the road for the two, for sure. Let’s continue praying for our Chamo couple.

        So sad I cannot register at soompi for whatever reason I cannot comprehend. I want to be friends with other Donghae shippers. Please stay posting with soompi donghae thread … that’s what only left for us for now.

        Thanks and hope we could be friends.


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  4. Ely

    I was just thinking about that interview she did last April…she said her ideal type was “cute and obedient”. At the time I thought she meant cute and well behaved but come to think of it now, I think she meant someone who is cute and who listens to her. She does not like the domineering type I guess. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Although we might not know exactly what she meant but I may also guess based on her previous interviews.
      In her episode in running man 2012 and different interviews, she mentioned she do like to meet an understanding man. While he should have a strong character and lead the relationship but still doesn’t try to control her, listens to her and appreciate her opinions. Given her upbringing and character she would surely have a problem with a domineering type of characters.
      I hope she really did find what she was looking for in Se7en 🙂


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