Introducing Lee Da-hae’s Boyfriend “Se7en”


Through the past few days with the recent dating news about Lee Da-hae and Se7en, I found myself thinking that as fans we all have a homework to get to know the man better specially that many fans do not know much about him as they don’t follow the Korean music industry.

I have an advantage since I already liked listening to him many years ago and did follow his news and come back in recent years and thanks to my free time these days I thought to do a post about him since he does deserve one 😉

I think that the best way to know any artist is through his work and that is what I focus on in this post. It is more about my view on him as an artist and on his career path.

Hope you do enjoy it ^^


Se7en whose real name is “Choi Dong Wook” debuted in Korea in 2003 as a solo singer under YG entertainment after 4 years of being a trainee. He was 19 years old then.

When I first saw him performing, I thought he has similar styles in dancing with Rain who I did know before him and I think media do compare the two a lot. I knew later that both graduated from the same school and even danced together (or challenged each other in dancing) back then and they still friends till now.

Se7en received some rookie awards at the time of his debut.

My Favorite song of him from his early days is “Passion” (This song is sooo addictive 🙂 )

And also a couple of other songs I do like from him “La La La” and “Crazy” ❤

In 2005, he debuted in Japan and gained quite a big success there. Even till now he is quite popular over there. I do like his song “Hikari” a lot. He is also really good in Japanese and can carry out interviews without translators.

With our girl’s Chinese and his Japanese and both good in English they don’t have any problem travelling at all, right? 😀

In 2007, he made his acting debut through the drama “Goong S” which is a spin-off of the popular drama “Goong” and till now it is his only drama. Although I dropped the drama but thanks to it I came to know about him. Since he caught my eyes there, I did search about him and started listening to his songs.

So have a MV from the drama along with one of his songs which I like “Last Of Diary

After that, he took a step to debut in America and worked on his language and music style for quite some time in preparation for this and released some songs but unfortunately he didn’t gain much success there.

I think this somehow remind me of our girl as she also tried to make some effort to enter the industry there in 2010 but that didn’t translate to any steps in reality.

I personally didn’t like that “Girls” song at all but before that Se7en was featured in the remix of Amerie‘s Song “Take Control” which was released in 2007 and I thought it was nice.

With his absence from the Korean scene doing his debut in America, I think Se7en did lose a bit of his career momentum in Korea specially with many young names coming out but then he did a come back in 2010 with his album “Digital Bounce” and he did many appearances on Variety shows like “Running Man“, “Happy Together” and “Strong Heart“.

Although I wasn’t a big fan of the songs in the album but I was happy to see him back and I think it marked a good comeback for him.

He later did release another mini album and singles in Korea and Japan including his song “When I Can’t sing” in which he collaborated with JYP and I did like it and that was before his mandatory military service in 2013.

After his release in December 2014, his contract ended with YG Entertainment and they decided not to renew it but he is still in a very good relationship with them and the artists there. He opened his own company named “Eleven9 Entertainment” in which he invested more than $5 million USD.


IMO all what came from Se7en after his military service featured him a lot better as a singer and I came to love and appreciate his voice way more than before. His first work was joining the new cast of musical “Elisabeth” in 2015 playing “Death/Der Tod” and this was his first musical ever.

This song “Shadows Grow Longer” from the musical is just AMAZING ❤

Also in addition to his self composed song “I’m Good” which I posted before, he participated in the Korean Drama “Monster“‘s OST with song “Am I alright?” (Ooh the feeels)

He also released a Japanese single album “Rainbow” which you can listen to it fully here. And he is planning to release an album in Korea next month. I hope this plan doesn’t change because I surely look forward to listen to more of him.

In the end a bonus about this couple, from their SNS accounts seems they do have some hobbies in common. Golf, Working out and cycling at night ❤

golfworkout cycling

Credit: LDH IG, Se7en IG, Owners and Uploaders



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3 responses to “Introducing Lee Da-hae’s Boyfriend “Se7en”

  1. Jane wong

    Hurray! So happy that Lee da hae is dating. I wish for both of you will grow together as a couple and loving each other more and more everyday and forever!

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  2. Fairy

    As long as he is a genuinely good person, I hope they get married soonn so my Da Hae can give birth to beautiful babies 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. bingsaebigbang

    glad to heard this news am so happy and wish both will be end their relationships with the happy ending like tablo and his wife

    Liked by 1 person

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