Lee Da-hae At Busan One Asia Festival

Today Lee Da-hae attended the Busan One Asia  Festival (BOF) opening ceremony as the main MC. It has been since 2011 since her last hosting job and also this marks her first public appearance in Korea since last February and also her first after her dating news came out.

I was quite worried about her because we know she is quite a sensitive person who usually doesn’t like to share that much about her private life and during the last weeks she had to endure the hate and bad comments and responses on that and she looked really pressured, tired and a bit out of shape in her latest SNS updates but I am glad that despite it all she carried her job as the main MC alone in the event effortlessly and done a good job IMO with so many viewers in attendance also she used some of her multilingual skills speaking in Korean, English and Chinese.

About her look, mm…. I can’t say I am loving or satisfied with it at all specially the makeup and hair and I guess I would have liked the dress more if it is in different fabric but as I repeat myself, seeing her alone makes me happy specially at this time but it also made me miss her more because who knows when we will be seeing her again after this T__T

But I guess at least I have something to keep replaying till then 😉

You can watch the full concert here or here and also check below for more pictures from SNS and media ^^

Our girl updated her Weibo and Instagram on the 30th of September in her way to Busan on the KTX

Also here is a pictures from the rehearsals today morning

Lastly from the event, our MC ^^

But good to see her smiling BTS in this short video ^^

Credit: As Tagged and LDH Weibo



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2 responses to “Lee Da-hae At Busan One Asia Festival

  1. Teyling

    Thank you Apqaria for the link, much appreciate. Dahae did well in her MC, she spoke fluently in 3 languages, exudes confidence, and have eye contact with camera. Bravo.


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