Lee Da-hae’s Cameo in “Love Through a Millennium 2” to Air Next Month


OH, even with 5 dramas on my watch list my days are pretty slow and boring for the last couple of months since we don’t get an enough dose of our girl!! But at least now we have some good news.

After all the news of the tension between Korea and China including some reports about more regulations on K-Celebrities appearances in China’s entertainment industry, seems things are looking better now as we finally got official news about Lee Da-hae‘s cameo in the Chinese drama “Love Through a Millennium 2” which she filmed back in June and seems they gave the OK to air her part so YAAAY for seeing our girl on screen again even for just a few mins and hopefully these will be memorable enough ❤

The drama did go through a casting change with replacing Korean actress Yoo In-Na with Taiwanese actress Puff Guo which resulted in re-filming her scenes and pushing the drama airing date to start in the 16th of November.

Reportedly our girl’s cameo is going to be in the 1st episode of the drama and I just can’t wait for it ^^

With our girl’s attitude and expression in that still above, it makes me think that she is going to teach the arrogant hero a lesson there, lol 😀

Here is the drama trailer and you can see a glimpse of the “bowling with wine glasses” scene in which our girl will appear on 🙂

I am really praying here that Da-hae’s own dramas will have the same luck specially “Best Lover” which she finished filming last year and we have been waiting for it since then 😦

But till we get to see this cameo or have some new updates and news, we thankfully got a picture of our girl and she looks really nice her with less makeup and casual look ❤

Credit: JS Pictures and YT Uploader



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