Lee Da-hae’s Drama “Best Lover” to Air on Youku Next Week


Just when I thought that the first time I will see Lee Da-hae acting again (after more than two years) will be in her cameo in “Love Through a Millennium 2“, we get the news that her own drama “Best Lover” will air before that!!

“Best Lover” will start airing on the 14th of November on Youku online site. Yes I know the initial reports said the drama will air on Hunan TV which may have made us enjoy more promotions from the cast and made the drama available for more Chinese and international viewers but given the situation and how at some point I almost gave up that this drama will air at all, I am quite happy with this.

There were actually some news about this since September and they held some screening for fans who registered but the official news just came out today and Youku released a new trailer which you can check below!!

As announced before the drama is 16 Episodes, 30 minutes each. But I am still not sure how many times a week they will release the episodes.

You can check the drama channel on Youku here but I am not sure if the episodes will be available without restrictions but I hope somehow we would be able to watch it.

I think it is not a high possibility to get English subtitles for it soon but I hope it will picked up some time in the future.

To refresh your memory about the drama’s plot and characters, check this post

And now without further ado, check the new trailer (I really like that sheep scene where our heroine show her arrogant self once the director says cut 😀 )

Credit: Instagram



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4 responses to “Lee Da-hae’s Drama “Best Lover” to Air on Youku Next Week

  1. Jane

    Hurray! Although I would prefer to have eng subs,
    It is still super news that Lee Da Hae’s drama will be aired soon!
    I have been waiting for soo long!


    • Yah, of course it is the best to understand the dialogue while watching but I am so ready for this even with just raws and hopefully it gets subbed at some point *crossing fingers*


  2. Oh my goooood, finally!!!!! I want to watch it now! But it sounds like the show is dubbed >.<


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