Lee Da-hae Celebrates Pepero Day

Lee Da-hae finally showed her face to us today although it is not totally her face since she is transformed into a cute pink bunny, kkk ^^

Our girl posted a cute short video on her Weibo celebrating Pepero day and of course didn’t forget to mention her soon to air drama “Best Lover“. I never was a fan of such apps but with our girl’s involvement I come to like anything 😀

Here is her message:

1111光棍儿节快乐 大家来和我一起吃甜甜的巧克力棒吧! 最佳情侣加油#1111光棍儿节#最佳情侣

1111 Happy Singles Day Come and join me to eat sweet chocolate bar! Best couple refueling #1111SinglesDay #BestCouple

The day which is held on 11.11 is mostly celebrated by couples and as this is the first time she spent it while she is publicly dating so it is a special congratulation this year 😉

Happy Pepero day for our girl!!

Translation: Online Translators


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