Lee Da-hae’s Drama “Best Lover” Start Airing on Youku


It is finally here! I’m partying here because seeing Lee Da-hae on my screen again is enough reason 😉

And seems our girl is also quite excited about her drama airing since she is updating her Weibo with all the new previews and episodes links.

Best Lover” started airing on Chinese popular online video website Youku on Midnight, November the 14th. They uploaded 6 episodes for VIP members but free users can watch one episode per day.

So you can now watch the 1st two episodes on Youku even if you are no member. Here are the links.

Episode 1 | Episode 2

You can also check the latest previews and BTS from the drama below 🙂

It will be hard to give an accurate review about the released episodes since we don’t have a full English translation for the episodes yet but since we have got a general idea of the setup and also with our friend Ely quick recaps in soompi, even with no subs we can understand what is happening there.

Generally, I am liking the pace (although some times I feel it is too fast 😀 ) and the direction, camera work and angles. Also despite the fact that our girl’s role feels a lot like Ah Mo Ne in “Hotel King” (till now at least) and also with her voice dubbed but still I am enjoying her in this and her funny expressions are always a great sight 😀

Also I am happy that the drama is gaining good number of views on Youku, crossing 11 million views in total for its videos till now. It is not a very big number compared to other dramas but with no promotions from the drama cast and with Youku announcing its airing date just few days ahead, it is a good number and now the increase of this number depends on whether they were able to hook up viewers through the 1st episode.

Now here are some stills ^^

Here is the preview for Ep 3

And a BTS video from the 1st episode (happy to hear their real voices here and of course our girl’s laugh always makes my day

Finally some the last longer preview released before the 1st episode aired and previews for Ep 1 and 2

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2 responses to “Lee Da-hae’s Drama “Best Lover” Start Airing on Youku

  1. Teyling

    Do you know which ep is the scene Dahae and Zhoumi kissing in the bus?


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