Lee Da-hae Stars in her First Variety Show

Talk about starting 2017 with some good news!!

Our girl’s agency JS Pictures has been teasing us since the end of last year with some statements about her doing a Korean come back in 2017 but seems that won’t be a drama nor a movie as it was announced that Lee Da-hae will star in her very first variety show since debut which is tentatively titled “Daughters of the Boarding House“.

The show is produced by KBS but don’t have a confirmed time-slot or airing date yet but some reports mentioned that it will start airing in February.


Joining our girl are actresses Lee Mi Sook (who will be the mother figure  and the house owner here), Park Si Yeon, Yoon So Yi and Jang Shin Young (as the other daughters with our girl). Directing is Jang Hee Sub PD who did variety shows “A Look At Myself” and “Qualifications of Men“.

About the concept of the show, it has been revealed  that the show will have a male guest visiting the house which is full with pretty daughters every week and will have to pass a certain mission to enter the house. It is described as “Real Situational Variety show” which will bring laughter to viewers through real fun situations and will combine elements from talk and variety shows.

It is worth mentioning that Da-hae is already a friend, label mate and former co-star with So Yi in “IRIS 2” and also past friend and co-star with Si Yeon in “My Girl” and also both she and Mi Sook did act in “East of Eden” although I don’t think they had much interaction, but with this I am not worried about them all getting along and having fun on set 🙂

Generally I love the fact that the cast members who will be the sisters are all actresses in their thirties, very close in age and I personally like them all individually as actresses so I’m definitely in for some sisters bonding and womance ^^

Seems lately there is steps to do more variety shows with female cast which is really welcomed and nice to see specially since the industry is dominated by males. And for that this show is being compared with the decently successful and well received show “Sister’s Slam Dunk” but the PD revealed to the press that this show is different and the main idea is to show new charm and real sides of actresses away from their scripts and to display them as the sisters next door.

Also joining the mother and daughters are two men who are the comedians Park Soo Hong and Lee Soo-geun who will be the MCs.

We know that Da-hae did wish to do variety show and show more of her true self to the viewers and she did explicitly mention that in her last magazine interview so I am happy that finally her wish came true.

I personally enjoyed her guesting in variety shows before and this will be a very good opportunity to see a new side of her but honestly I would have preferred her to come back in an acting project first and I’m rather worried about this step more than anything else. I was taken aback by this news specially that I’m not a big fan of variety shows in general and I don’t know what to expect.

I just hope the PD and production team are good and succeed to provide us with solid program that feels sincere and still delivers some entertainment for the viewers. Also wish for our girl to be herself without trying hard to appeal to anyone. Who knows may be this step will boost her career 😉

Finally have to mention that it is great that it is airing on KBS because it means that we will certainly have it subbed (in many languages) through KBS World ❤

Good Luck Da-hae shi in this new step and challenge!! FIGHTING!!

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