Lee Da-hae back to Skiing

Lee Da-hae updated her Instagram today with a picture of her skiing but sadly we still didn’t see a glimpse of her face since it was all covered. What a tease!! kkk ^^

In her message, she mentioned that it has been a decade since she gone skiing and that it was really cold. I am guessing this was taken during her end of year vacation ❤

In addition to this, our girl did update us during the past month. So check below for those and also some other old updates that I didn’t post about here.

On the 11th of this month, our girl posted a picture of a big yummy meal done by her mother. She was kidding in her message saying that she went to eat in her mother’s restaurent 😀 (the picture is obviously taken at her own home’s dining table)

Also showing her support to some of her friends or friends’ friends. First on the 5th of this month, she posted about the comeback of girl group “BP Rania“. Hwang Saem/Yina her co-star in “My Goddess, My Mother” is one of the members of the group. I guess they took their on screen friendship to real life ^^

Thanks to this, we discovered unseen picture of both of them during the drama filming ❤

분명히 셋이 같이 찍자고 했었잖아 🤔

A post shared by 🏹 (@83l8) on

Also she recorded a message supporting STASIA skin care brand which is owned by “Yijo” who was one of RANIA’s past members and she is still a friend of Saem.

2017年1月11號11點#STASIA 感謝#李多海 #leedahey 😊@leedahey4eva

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Back in November last year, our girl was spotted at DUIER shop

Finally, during her filming for “My Goddess, My Mother” in Korea in Auguest last year, she recorded a message celebrating the opening of Naver TV Channel of her agency JS Pictures

Credit: As Tagged and Instagram


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