Lee Da-hae to Guest on tvN Show “Life Bar”


Marking her official come back to the Korean entertainment industry after spending the last two years filming for Chinese dramas and mostly away from the spot light, it was announced that Lee Da-hae will be guesting in tvN show “Life Bar“. She recorded the episode on the 18th of this month and the episode will air on Thursday the 2nd of February on 11:00 PM.

“Life Bar” is a relatively new show which invite guests to chat over drinks and meals with the MCs. The cameras and crew are hidden in the bar so that the guests will be more comfortable and less conscious of themselves being filmed and so have a free talk about their lives. Cho Jin Woong, Ha Ji Won and Jang Hyuk have lately appeared on the program as guests.

The MCs are Shin Dong Yup, Tak Jae Hoon and Kim Joon Hyun and will be joining them as the youngest MC for the first time in Da-hae’s episode (which will the the 9th for the program) Eric Nam.

Appearing as a late guest in a segment of the episode will be our girl’s friend, label mate, her IRIS II former Co-star and her on screen sister on her new variety show Yoon So Yi. It will be our first time to see their interaction as friends on screen.

Commenting after the recording of the episode, “Life Bar” PD said that the atmosphere of the episode was very friendly and unlike their sophisticated image both Da-hae and So Yi were very cool and have shown surprising charms. And about asking Da-hae questions about her dating news, the PD said they were careful but it was a cool conversation.

This was quite a unexpected but also good news to read because I thought we will get to see her first through her own variety show but now I do find it a good idea for her to have this opportunity first and be done with answering all the questions that media might be interested to ask and so there won’t be a need or focus on that later in her own show and I am quite glad she is willing to do that in this way.

This will be her first activity in the new year (unless she surprised us before that), first appearance on cable channel ever and first program after her dating news came out last September.

I don’t remember our girl solo guesting in such talk show before, so I am excited and I expect us to hear some series talk and fun stories from our girl that we might not heard before although I don’t think we will get a translation for the whole episode 😦

But something makes me worried is that I am not quite sure if Da-hae can actually handle her drinks that well, lol 😀

Credit: As Tagged, Naver and Arnaldo Bassini 


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