Lee Da-hae Wish Fans Happy Lunar New Year + “Life Bar” Previews

Celebrating the Lunar new year, Lee Da-hae updated her Instagram today with the picture above of her and her dog Cherry wishing fans happy new year. I am wondering if they are heading for some party ❤

She is actually have been updating her IG quite frequently lately which is great to see after her being cautious for few months now.

Also we finally got previews of “Life Bar” Episode 9 which she will be guesting on and will air next Thursday the 2nd of February. I really can’t wait to see this episode because Da-hae seems to be all out with her spunky personality and I always like to see that side of her although it might get her into troubles sometimes 😀

Check below for her other updates and the previews ^^

She posted on the 24th a picture of Cherry enjoying his gifts (it has been long time we didn’t see cherry and I did miss him so nice to see him looking as stylish as ever 😉 )

On the 23rd she posted a picture of a mask cover she is putting. At least we see her reflection in that 🙂

She is supporting once again a mask produced by her friend and beauty clinic Doctor Son You Na

Finally, here are the previews for her episode in “Life Bar”.

We got the translation of the first preview below. In this preview, Da-hae was talking about her relationship with Se7en and she said

He’s a person I need to be thankful for because I became more cheerful thanks to him. If we never began dating and remained friends, it would have been the biggest regret of my life.

And seems that tvN has no choice but make her episode along with the late guest Yoon Soo Yi rated 19 since “the beeeep”, LOL 😀

Credit: tvN Youtube and LDH Instagram | Translation: Soompi


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