“Guesthouse Daughters” Variety Show Releases Posters and Previews Featuring Lee Da-hae


Finally Lee Da-hae first variety show now got an English title which is “Guest House Daughters” as per KBS.

KBS also released posters and previews for the show ahead of its first episode on the 14th of February. I like the colorful posters and also the previews looks fun already 😀

I think the poster above states “Good House Keeper Third Daughter, Lee.Da.Hae

Check them all below ^^

Also our girl and Yoon So Yi have posted about the program again on their Instagram

빵터진 윤소이~~~ ㅋㅋ#하숙집딸들#2/14첫방송#오예~~!!

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From the previews, it is apparent that those ladies surely have charm. And also it feels like they don’t have much script to work with and that is actually quite nice and fun but hopefully it doesn’t come out as random or chaotic specially in the pilot episode since they are still all new to the format ^^

Worth mentioning that the first meeting for our cast was filmed at Da-hae’s house ❤

Lee Mi Sook is so fit as being the mother here. Love her already 😀

They also released previews more focused on both Da-hae and Park Si Yeon.

They showed a serious side for our girl that we didn’t see before which is even more funny than seeing her traditional fun antics. Did you know that she could be caring this much about cleaning and organizing things? Seeing another side of her that we didn’t know is always a pleasure ❤

Love Si Yeon in her preview, she feels so clumsy lol 😀

But really her union with our girl after over a decade since their drama “My Girl” is another thing that makes this program special.

I am waiting eagerly for Tuesday ❤

Credit: Naver, KBS, Yoon So Yi Twitter


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