Yoon So Yi and Jang Shin Young Leave “Guesthouse Daughters” as the Show undergoes Format Change

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I am really so sad reading those news that came out about Yoon So Yi and Jang Shin Young leaving “Guesthouse Daughters” and replacing them comedian Park Na Rae and idol Jung Chae Yeon (from DIA and IOI) are confirmed to join as the third and forth daughters and will be filming their first episode with the cast on 12/3 and this will be the 6th episode for the show that will air on 21/3.

There is also news that accompanying this, the show will undergo change in format although it is still unclear what exactly is that. The main reason for the changes is poor ratings and reviews. While the program made a good start with the 1st episode but then the ratings and reviews weren’t good.

Actually one of the reasons that I couldn’t bring myself to write the recaps for the show till now is that I personally have been unsatisfied with it and my worries that I had sadly came true, so news of changes aren’t surprising or not welcomed in general but I am sad and disappointed they took it this far only a month after the show started airing.

Just when I started to get attached to this family, they have to be separated 😦

While I do enjoy some moments in the show but honestly up till episode 3, the format is still not well defined, not showing a real funny situation as it promised and just depended on some silly and repetitive games to be funny and while the actresses do really have a charm and potential but they were left without a good direction which they totally needed given their limited or no familiarity with variety shows.

I also hate how they insert very obvious PPL in each episode and doesn’t give enough screen time to show some family bonding that I was really hoping to see from the show.

In the end, I wish the best for the lovely actresses who are leaving in their acting careers and projects that they will resume very soon (So Yi have a movie and Shin Young have a drama) and also to the remaining cast who have to adapt to the changes.

Also I am hoping the changes gets to bring more success for the show and wish the best of luck to the new members.

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