Lee Da-hae in “Guesthouse Daughters” Episodes 1-3


Finally I am here with a recap for my favorite moments of Lee Da-hae in the first 3 episodes of her variety show “Guesthouse Daughters“. I am feeling weird writing this after the latest news but what to do … “show must go on”.

Despite all my concerns on the show but it is actually a very good opportunity to know more about our girl as we see her in a different setup.

Not sure how periodic I will make such recap but may be every 2 or 3 episodes and hopefully I can keep this going through its whole run although I can’t give a promise of that right now.

Hope you enjoy this one and you will also find the episodes videos at the end below ^^

Episode 1

Showing the family first meeting together we see some shots of a very tidy, clean and modern house in which they met and we discover that it is actually belongs to our girl!!

It is the very first time she reveal her house on public TV and I am sure whoever watched this episode will be left out with envy of her house which she bought 4 years ago.

That dressing room is specially a dream for every woman (including myself) and she is also keeping a very rare and expensive collection of liquor that her mother like.

Introduced as an actress and housekeeper who have specialty in organization and hobby for cleaning, Da-hae said she was scared to join a variety show but but she should have the confidence to challenge herself and also she think she could show her true self naturally.

Also mentioned she thought she shouldn’t reveal her house and was actually afraid to do so but then found herself accepting to do it in hope it will be a comfortable and warm place for the family first meeting.

I do get what she means and I personally would rather her to have kept her house away from the public eye but since she found herself comfortable doing it, I don’t have anything to say and I found myself happy knowing how the place she lives in looks like 😀

Since Da-hae knew all the other 4 actresses from before it was like a big reunion. She was with Lee Mi Sook in “East of Eden” and with Park Shin Yeon in “My Girl” and she and Jang Shin Young were both contestants in “MBC Chun Hyang Pageant” that Da-hae won and SY was on 7th place back in 2001. And of course last but not least her close friend and “IRIS II” co-star Yoon So Yi.

Also seems she did appear on a show before with Park Soo Hong when she was still in her early days in the industry and even remembered her real name 🙂

When Mi Sook asked her how she finally decided to take the show, Da-hae said that she thought deeply about it and even went to the beach in Incheon to think about it and she mentioned how producers kept coming to her home to have her in the show.

I really liked seeing her with all of them again talking about their lives ❤

One of the best moments of the episode is where they came up with the back story and relationship between them all. With Mi Sook as the mother and all the daughters coming from different fathers, lol 😀

It was impressing how the ideas were flowing while they were enjoying the big meal Da-hae mom prepared for them.

Actually her mom and I think grandmother did appeared partly in few shots of this episode.

And a new thing to know about our girl is how she is so obsessed of cleaning and organizing her house. Even while they were playing, she couldn’t stop herself from picking hair threads from the ground and putting them on her slipper or in her pocket to get rid of them later, kkk ^^

And before getting to the next episode, I have to say that Lee Soo Geun is really a great addition to this show, he is so fun and his remarks are hilarious 😀

Episode 2

Now the family is moving to their guesthouse in which they will be welcoming a male guest every episode in trial to board the house. Actually we saw some shots of them in the house in Ep 1 as well.

Da-hae and Yoon S0 Yi are having the same room in the house as the younger daughters.

Since one of the rules they agreed on as they welcome their guests is to search their stuff to judge their characters, they started with them selves and started exploring their luggage they brought to the house.

As expected of the super organized Da-hae, her bag was so organized full of cleaning tools and also she brought her favorite slipper she wore in Ep 1, the cute pajamas she wore in “Best Lover” and also pretty plastic vases to use in the house as she is fond of flowers and flowers arrangement as we know.

While they were examining Si Yeon luggage, our girl couldn’t stop herself from trying to fold the socks her own way. She surely have a very detailed way of doing so, I actually tried to do it myself but got confused, hahaha 😀

Also they got to have a meal together before. they prepare to welcome their guest. Mi Sook recorded a news report as an anchor and all watched on TV and I was quite surprised and glad they chose a series topic like low birth rate and giving birth to talk about and giving it attention through this.

The first guest to the house is veteran actor and also director Park Joong Hoon although I didn’t watch any of his works but I really found him nice and charming.

My favorite part of this episode is when they were talking seriously about acting and struggles and when the daughters started talking with him in their room and watching his old movies, he was so embarrassed looking at himself acting, kkk

Da-hae talked about the infamous blurring decision in “Chuno” and how she didn’t know about it till the episode aired. She was sad and said that it made it all look worse as viewers thought there was more than what there was already but ironically she gained more male fans because of it 😀

Although I didn’t want her to talk about this incident again but seeing KBS putting caption on the scene as “Bad/Awkward example” means they somehow finally admitted their stupid and wrong decision back then.

And I had a really nice treat seeing young Joong Hoon, Mi Sook and Kim Hye Soo. How Cute!!!

Also I was touched hearing how and Mi Sook talked as parents about their sons going to the army and how they were worried like any ordinary parents.

The family and the guest played some games together so he can show his manly side.

You may have figured out already that I am not a fan of those games but at least we see Da-hae giving it all and also I thought she is quite nice caring about the guest.

Now before getting to next episode, I want to say that I am actually not liking how they give Da-hae some MC moments in the show (if you know what I mean). It may be because they do want to give her a bigger part but I prefer watching her like other members enjoying her time filming naturally.

Episode 3

The episode started with the family eating and celebrating Soo Geun’s birthday together which ended with playing a game of blowing the candles with their noses!!

The only thing I remark about this is how persistent Da-hae is to win in any game regardless how silly it is, lol 😀

Also it was hilarious how she started talking to the camera like talking to her dog (I am not sure how Cherry and Strawberry will feel about that 😉 )

The guest of this episode is comedian Kim Min Jung who is here to give the variety rookie actresses some advises.

He and Da-hae revealed they met not long ago and all members became curious about it and kept asking questions. They met just the two of them in last Christmas although they didn’t the reason for their meeting?!

I think may be she was seeking some advice from him about appearing and casting on this show. She mentioned back in her “Happy Together” episode with Chuno team back in 2010 that she did met him before appearing on the program and he gave her advises so may be she did that again this time 😀

To practice Min Jung advice of how they play games, give reactions even if they fall. They start playing a game together.

I liked how Da-hae reacted to Soo Geun when he teased her about her boyfriend Se7en when she was preparing to play the game. She didn’t talk back but was surprised then started to kick him without really hitting him. I found it funny 😀

In the game they should spin 10 times then put ink on their foot and hit the target on the wall. Although she demonstrated hitting the target perfectly but she ended up falling hard without leaving any mark.

Seems she unconsciously demonstrated the correct way of falling and being funny that Min Jung was talking about, lol 😀

At the end of the episode, they showed the family having a barbecue party in the garden celebrating the news of So Yi getting married. This was obviously filmed in another day when they were filming episode 5 which will air next Tuesday.

Da-hae revealed she did know about this before hand (since both are close) and even told some info about So Yi and her boyfriend story and that she actually cried (as she became emotional) when they met before and revealed their decision of getting married.

Congrats to the lovely So Yi and soon-to-be husband ❤

I was really looking forward to episode 3 since I like Min Jung a lot and I so love our girl’s look in it but it was actually my least favorite episode till now 😦

That ends the recap but before closing, here are the episodes with English and Thai subs from KBS World (click the caption button)

Credit: KBS



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