Lee Da-hae SNS Updates and Stills from “Guesthouse Daughters” Episodes 4 and 5

Our girl continues to update her Instagram periodically and I just can’t get enough ^^

Lee Da-hae updated today with pictures from her flower arrangement class again and I really love her look here ❤

She also updated her Weibo in Chinese again after quite sometime. It is actually a very sensitive time due to THAAD issue and the ban China has made on Hallyu which have been escalated lately.

But I am really glad she posted this friendly message in which she was thanking her Chinese fans who sent her snacks all the way to Korea.

Check below her message along with other updates and stills from “Guesthouse Daughters“!!

Here is the translation of her message and the picture of the snacks fans sent, so cute indeed ^^

Da Hey updated Weibo today with a picture of snacks sent by her Chinese fans and the following message: ^^ 好可爱,谢谢每次都这样想着我❤️我也很想中国的海带们,虽然现在的情况不太好,但希望这段时间赶快过去 祈祷马上见到大家 ^^ How cute! Thank you for thinking of me every time ❤️I miss my Chinese fans alot. Even though the current situation is not very good, I hope this (difficult) period will pass quickly and pray that I will be able to see you all soon. #leedahey4eva #leedahey #leedahae #이다해 #李多海 #イダヘ #อีดาแฮ #لي_دا_هي #ЛиДаХэ #KoreanActress #KoreanActor #HallyuStar #InternationalFans #leedahey_ifans #한류 #여배우

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Episode 4

오늘밤 11:10 ! #하숙집딸들 #본방사수

A post shared by Leedahey 이다해 (@leedahey4eva) on

Episode 5

Our girl’s long time friend Kim Hee Chul appeared as a surprise guest in this episode and I am so glad to see them again together ❤

And the main guest was comedian Kim Joon Ho and it was also a treat to see her and Park Si Yeon having a bonding time together visiting the flower market and eating ^^

꽃보다다해 #또고마워

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Credit: KBS Club Naver, LDH Weibo


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