Renewed “Guesthouse Daughters” to Start Airing on March 28th

More news came out with details about the changes that Lee Da-hae‘s variety show “Guesthouse Daughters” will go through.

In addition to Yoon So Yi and Jang Shin Young also Park Soo Hong will be leaving. And despite the initial reports about comedian Park Na Rae and idol Jung Chae Yeon joining the cast, seems it was decided to continue the show with only the main 4 remaining members without any new addition.

In the new format of the program, instead of testing male guests to board the daughters house, the cast will be visiting a real boarding house with students and youth and will interact and help with the real people living in cleaning, laundry and other jobs and tasks.

The first episode with the new format will air on 28/3 and the program will not air any episode today 21/3.

It seems they really took into consideration a lot of the viewers opinions and I do like the sound of this actually since I was not fond of such male guests concept and I really wanted to see more focus on the cast.

Also I did want to see the cast in more relatable and real situations rather than them playing some games as it was the case before. It doesn’t matter to me if they are end up being funny or not because I do care for the program’s sincerity much more.

I am still worried about the change and I need to wait and see the execution to judge since it is important for the interactions between the cast and public to be natural without trying too hard.

But at least I am happier now with their decision to not add new members since I couldn’t visualize how the names proposed would fit in the show and it would have meant them sacrificing the all female actresses cast identity they promoted so much. Also I think this way the atmosphere will be less awkward for the remaining cast without effect on their chemistry together or the worry to get used to the new members.

With that said, in some BTS pictures from the new episodes filming, seems Park Na Rae was there so may be she will be a guest for this episode. Which also means that the program can welcome either male or female guests from now whenever they want to.

But in general there is no mention if they will periodically welcome guests each episode to join them as overall it seems there will be more focus on the cast interactions with the public.

I wish the cast and crew the best of luck with these changes and hopefully they can produce a better version of this show that viewers (including myself) can enjoy more.

Here is a BTS video of our girl while filming with the new episode, looks like she will go shopping for a suit (may be for an interview or job) with one of the youth they met ❤

Credit: Naver and Weibo


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