Gorgeous Lee Da-hae for April Fools Day

Never was into the pranks, jokes and what other people see as fun which is done on April Fools Day but I guess our girl just made it a good day with her update today ^^

Lee Da-hae updated her Instagram today with a picture of her from a previous vacation and I always love those relaxing and fun pictures of her at a peach or pool so I guess I will keep staring at this picture for some time ❤

Here is a rough translation of her message:

I want to go traveling ㅜ relaxing. Work hard first but once in a while I have to go back again ~ #I want to go #Beach #vacation #Honey room #Good place to cool down #swimming #I can not go now

Also few days ago she posted another picture on her IG thanking Jenny House for the pretty dryer they gave her, I want one too 🙂

And finally a fan encounter, not sure if this was taken while she is filming Guesthouse Daughters or not 🙂

Credit: IG | Translation: Online Translators


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