Lee Da-hae in “Guesthouse Daughters” Episodes 4 & 5

Before taking a look into the brand new Guesthouse Daughters which aired its first episode on March 28th, here is a recap for my favorite moments in episode 4 and 5 and as usual mostly focused on Lee Da-hae 😉

I did personally enjoy those two episodes more than the previous ones and I am quite thankful for that since those episodes marked the last time we see the whole family together so I wanted this to be a memorable farewell as much as possible.

Now, Lets Start!!

Episode 4

The guest of this episode was CNBlue Jung Yong Hwa and I have to say that his genuine reactions were one of the main reason this episode was quite fun and although hes tarted nicely lifting Lee Mi Sook but I kept laughing watching his down fall afterwards, lol 😀

He and Da-hae were under FNC Entertainment before she left last year and they had some interactions we know about which explains how close they are with their body language and him calling her Noona and Olivia 🙂

While they examine Yong Hwa profile, they made him act a scene with Park Si Yeon in Busan language since they both are born there and then act a similar scene with Da-hae in Chinese since he claimed knowing a bit of it and he acted a Movie in China not so far ago.

So we got to hear our girl speaking Chinese after some time which was nice but the highlight was how poor Yong Hwa responded mostly saying “Ah Ah” to express what he want to say, kkkk ^^

Then Lee Soo Geun joined the act and the three of them formed a love triangle as Soo Guen caught Da-hae cheating on him while in a date with Yong Hwa. This part was seriously hilarious with talking in what sound like Cantonese but it is totally not and oh he requested a kiss from Da-hae in the end to make up with her, LOOOL 😀

Worth mentioning that Da-hae was the script writer for all those scenes 😀

When Yong Hwa and Jang Shin Young where preparing sandwiches, our girl who is obsessed with cleaning started cleaning and organizing the kitchen out of the blue 🙂

I really liked how she kept telling the confused Yong Hwa how they keep doing random thing and the fact they don’t know anything about variety shows so they wish they are doing the right thing, Actually that felt like what she could say to all the confused viewers about the show concept and how they actually embrace the random format, lol 😀

After eating the sandwiches together, the Karaoke party begun. Da-hae sang “Violet Fragrance” song originally sang by Kang Suji. Yah that sound familiar since we heard her singing it twice before (in her appearance in “Love Letter” variety show back in 2005 and also in a scene in her latest drama “Best Lover“).

But while I liked how she was funny this time with how she acted all shy at the beginning (while she isn’t) and then taking off her socks mid way in the song because the floor is slippery, I wish she would have surprised me rather than playing it safe with a familiar song 😦

In the end, poor Yong Hwa couldn’t win in his own field since the whole family sang a song together exceeding his mark in Karaoke machine 😀

The next challenge was legs fight with the girls. The girls played it together first to demonstrate and wah that was intense since all four are quite competitive but Da-hae and Shin Young team won that 😀

Then comes Yong Hwa turn to compete but in front of the girls either 4 vs 1 or 3 vs 1 or 4 vs 2 (Soo Hong joined him in that) or 1 vs 1, he lost them all, kkk ^^

This might have been my most favorite game till now ❤

After losing again in the test in which they try to figure if he has any feelings for the girls, Yong Hwa was ready to leave but as his last chance, he is offered to hit the mark with his legs after rotating 10 times (the game we saw in last episode).

It was really funny how Da-hae was demonstrating how to play the game and convincing Yong Hwa that it is easy and that she actually won it easily last episode although she actually lost with a bang 😀

Yong Hwa did pretty good in this and was close to win but in the end he failed to hit the target and had to leave 🙂

I have to mention how I appreciate how much Da-hae keeps caring for the show guests, showing some small nice gestures to them and trying to make them comfortable.

It was proven again this episode, like when she stood up for Yong Hwa to sit down in her place or when she checked on him when he fell down. I always like that about her personality ❤

Episode 5

We start this episode with Da-hae and Si Yeon going into flower market to buy some plants for the house garden. It was quite nice seeing both interacting alone either at the market or in the car in their way to eat afterwards.

And have to say the people in the market are just so nice but it was some how embarrassing for Da-hae that a seller there confused her with Lee Da-hee. I can’t blame him since many do get confused sometimes because of the quite similar names but I personally get mad sometimes when this happened from media >.<

Da-hae mentioned about Daniel Henney when Si Yeon mentioned LA and they talked about how cool he was in his episode in “I live Alone”, I personally watched his 2 episodes in the program and was so crushing over him too so can’t blame our girl 😀

We know Da-hae choose Daniel as her ideal type back in 2010 but this time she also mentioned that one of the main reason she did her cameo for “Fugitive Plan B back in 2010 was because Daniel was a main cast there and the PD (which was Chuno PD as well) did keep his promise to invite him on the set the day of her shooting although he didn’t have filming that day.

Can’t help but smile over imagining Da-hae in a fan girl moment 😀

The girls went to Se7en‘s restaurant for lunch and after making their order and called Soo Guen since they felt guilty eating alone, guess who made a surprise appearance there? It was not other than Da-hae’s unni Kim Hee Chul, who is reportedly a big fan of Si Yeon.

I am happy to at last see both Da-hae and Hee Chul together on screen since we know about their friendship. Although they had phonecall in a program back in 2011 but this is the first time to see them in the same frame on national TV.

Hee Chul is just fun to watch, his comments and interaction with the girls was hilarious 😀

Back at the house, they started planting and we see a motherly moment from Da-hae to the child like So Yi when the super organized Da-hae started cleaning So Yi foot that got covered with dirt ^^ (I will totally miss those two girl’s interactions 😦 )

The guest of this episode appears and he is comedian Kim Joon Ho. He comes in and exchange a weird greeting with his friend Soo Guen and the forever curious Da-ha couldn’t help but try it herself but it didn’t end up being perfect, kkk 😀

After some talking and having a meal together, the game begins. I didn’t really like that weird makeup game so will skip that 😉

But this episode had one of my favorite games, proverbs guessing game was really fun and I usually like to see Da-hae playing guessing games since I saw her doing it back in 2010 in “Happy Together” and she didn’t disappoint this time as well and a bonus was seeing her dancing “Gangnum Style” 😀

She paired up with Lee Mi Sook (those two are getting really along in the program) and in their team is also our guest and Shin Young. They won against the other team.

Finally the guest has to try hitting the target but Joon Ho failed and in the end had to leave without his coat which they replaced with a glittering jacket for safety reasons, haha 😀

With this I am ending the recap and saying goodbye to Yoon So YiJang Shin Young and Park Soo Hong wishing them all the best with their current and future activities ❤

Now here are the episodes with English and Thai subs from KBS World (click the caption button)

Credit: KBS


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