Lee Da-hae in “Guesthouse Daughters” Episodes 6-8

It is better late than never, right? 😉

As promised and now that the task seems easier knowing that I don’t have much left to do since the program ended, here is another recap for “Guesthouse Daughters“. Will start with 3 episodes and then the rest in another post.

Personally my first impression with the new format was quite nice with episodes 6 and 7 being genuine, more real and in which I could relate so much to the students and boarders in the houses the cast visited.

I thought they did prepare well for the reformatting but then after seeing it turning into a cooking program which I didn’t like, I started to realize that they still didn’t do their homework even in the second round and they seemed to try different trendy things like cooking or sports in hope they gain higher ratings which apparently didn’t happen 😦

But with that said, overall I do like the program in its second version more than its first. And now without further ado, lets get to the recap of my favorite parts of Lee Da-hae in Episodes 6, 7 and 8!!

Episode 6

The girls are now out in the open, leaving their own guesthouse and visiting real ones instead. In the way, they picked the guest of this episode Park Narae. Although my impression on Narae wasn’t that good but I really enjoyed her here and I guess that was a wrong impression on my side (have to give her credit ^^).

We discover that Da-hae actually met Narae before when she gone to her bar after being invited by Kim Joon Ho after he guested in episode 5 (our girl surely get along with people quickly). It was funny when she started imitating drunk Narae, kkk 😀

Once arrived, they met with the owner who was the one wrote to the program then took a look at the house and the boarders rooms. Our neat girl had to fold a student’s (Taemin) clothes because she don’t like messy things and then they started dancing when they knew that another boarder (Andrea) could play ukulele.

When they all gathered with the owner and boarders, they started talking about how they are managing to live in the guesthouse and during that Da-hae played the English translator role for Andrea who is from Canada and still didn’t master Korean.

While trying to figure out how the girls help in the house and the boarders, Da-hae suggested she could help Taemin who is preparing for job hunting to get dress up for the interviews.

He was asked to choose between Da-hae and Narae to help him but he instantly choose Da-hae, kkk 😉

Starting their journey together, Da-hae seemed exicted since she will be getting on public transport with a strange man for the first time. And I really liked how our girl tried to make Taemin less nervous and more comfortable around her, telling him that she is now not a celebrity but just a girl from next door.

Also it was funny when Da-hae got startled as Si Yeon surprised her in the streets while going on her own mission. Although Da-hae later praised her courage to wander around the neighborhood alone but Si Yeon gets a nickname from our girl when she called her “Eating Monster” and hid her drink from her, lol 😀

When they arrived to their destination, Da-hae suggested they took a selfie first. Seeing how shy Taemin was to get in the picture when Da-hae was finding the best angle was really cute ^_^

Although many parts of their trip was actually edited out and they didn’t have much screen time in this episode but I absolutely loved every second of it ❤

First thing was to find Taemin a suit, Da-hae is quite decisive with what she like or not like while checking different suits and neck ties. She mentioned that it was her first time tying a tie for someone (really, Da-hae Shi? 😉 )

Playful Da-hae was in action as she teased Taemin to help him while he was changing, lol 😀

After they finally decided on the oufit that matches Taemin and before going to their next destination, they had a snack together on the street.

I love seeing Da-hae eat so this is enough reason to take those caps 😉

Next was getting him a new hair cut and look that he can sport in the interviews. Da-hae started acting like a mom again, telling Taemin to look carefully on how it is done so he can do it himself later and also telling the hair stylist to show him that slowly 😀

Taemin is seriously so cute, his awkward reactions when Da-hae praises his look or how he try to respond to that made her laugh loudly and same with me ^^

After Da-hae and Taemin return to the guesthouse and the other members completing their own missions, painting the house wall, fixing stairs, cooking and also buying some new dressing table, all shared a meal together and lastly took a nice group picture ❤

Episode 7

The guests for this episode were Leeteuk, Shindong and Jota. Although I didn’t know him before this but I tough Jota was really cute and nice (need to know more about him 🙂 )

The program received a letter from a student requesting them to cook dishes his mother used to do for him since he is living away from her and don’t get many opportunities to visit his hometown.

The 3 guests paired with the 3 actresses to help accomplish the task to recreate the taste of the mothers’ dishes while competing together. Our girl was paired with Shindong and they all headed to the guesthouse where they met the students and called the students mothers to get the recipe of their favorite dishes.

They are supposed to cook “Cold Noodles”, “Rice Cake Pizza” and “Sanjeok Skewers”. And since they find that cold noodles might be the most tricky dish, Da-hae and Shindong decided that before heading to the market to get the ingredient and start the cooking battle, they should go to restaurent that serve cold noodles so they know more about the dish and how to cook it.

In the way, they were a bit awkward sometimes using formal speech and sometimes not but after Shindong brought it up, they decide to drop the formal tone but Da-hae still wasn’t used to it, lol 😀

After they were done with eating and heading to the market, Da-hae and Shindong debated on the right recipes for the cold noodles and to be sure of what she things, Da-hae decided to call the student’s mother once again to confirm.

Of course our girl was proved to be right 😉

At the market, they met Si Yeon and Leeteuk in their way to leave after getting all the ingredients. So Da-hae kept dragging Shindong to move faster so they don’t be late not giving him any time to even think what he should be doing, kkk ^^

Coincidentally they discovered that Si Yeon and Leeteuk actually cheated and bought a ready made cold noodles broth from the market. They got their hand on evidence and testimonies and called the suspected team to get a confession but they didn’t confess of their wrong doings, lol 😀

Here comes the time to compete and cook. Although we knew that our girl was into cooking in recent years but I was still surprised of how confident she was in the kitchen. She took control and with her organization skills she didn’t seem to have any trouble there.

It was obvious who is the lead in the kitchen with Da-hae continuing to give constructions to Shindong specially when it comes to him cleaning the ingredients well. The cleaning obsession is scarier in the kitchen, lol 😀

They finished cooking on time and it was obvious how Da-hae cares about the final touch on the dishes to make them look pretty ❤

Da-hae and Shindong made a very successful team, winning both first and second rounds with “Cold Noodles” and “Rice Cake Pizza” and were announced to be the final winning team.

At the end, the staff surprised the student who contacted the show with a visit of his mother who prepared “Kimichi Jjigae” for him.

Our girl and rest of the cast got emotional seeing the mother and son meeting (I did tear a bit at that point too) and then they all ate together except for the worst team which was Si Yeon and Leeteuk who had to eat only rice and soy sauce (poor them 😀 )

Episode 8

This episode we see another cooking contest with the cast and guests. The guests were Leeteuk, Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Jong Hyun (Yong Hwa was the only to guest on the show in its two versions 🙂 )

Instead of a private boarding house, this time they visited a dorm for university students who are originally from Gangwon Province. They met the students who contacted them and then called their mothers to get their recipes. In one of the calls they were challenged to get identified by the mother and our girl was happy that she knew her name and works.

This episode they should cook “Bibim Guksu”, “Japchae Rice” and “Dumpling Gratin”.

Our girl was paired with Yong Hwa this episode and I was happy to see that since we got to know more about their friendship. They are certainly close and were fun to watch together ❤

To decide which team will be going to market to get all the ingredients they have to win a quiz about but before that the students will instruct them as they study the info they will be tested in.

It was funny how Da-hae and Yong Hwa decided to shout for their team “Passion, Connected, Yong Hwa and Da-hae Fighting!!”, LOL 😀

But the passionate team ended up winning the quiz in the end 😉

As Si Yeon and Jong Hyun went to the market, the rest of the cast visited some students in their rooms and while doing some activities.

While Da-hae and Yong Hwa visited students room who have been friends since daycare. They asked the students if they fought together and joked that they (Da-hae and Yong Hwa) actually fight each time they meet or at least once a month,  kkk 😀

Da-hae spotted fans who is used for dancing in the room, of course she wouldn’t pass on that since she did learn fan dance as well ❤

Finally they joined the student’s band and Yong Hwa got to give them some instructions and performing to them 🙂

In the kitchen, again Da-hae is taking control giving instructions to Yong Hwa who knows his position and keep calling her chef ^_^

Although Mi Sook and Leeteuk team were the winners this time but Da-hae and Yong Hwa surprisingly won in one of the three rounds with their “Japchae Rice” dish and Si Yeon team had to eat rice and soy sauce again 😀

That ends the recap and here are the 3 episodes with English and Thai subs from KBS World

Credit: KBS and KBS World


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