Lee Da-hae Promo for New ANYA Product

It has been sometime since we saw Lee Da-hae recording any new CF or Ad. But good thing that a new promo has come out from ANYA cosmetics for their new product (CERAMIDE) featuring our girl.

Judging from Da-hae’s look here, I think this was recorded recently. And who knows may be she can really resume her activities fully as their model now since the Korean-China relationships are now better.

We actually got news recently that Da-hae got contacted by a Chinese company and was invited to attend some event soon. Not sure if the company is ANYA or not but it seems we may have chance seeing her active in China again and hopefully we can also see her Chinese drama “My Goddess, My Mother” soon with this development since the news also mentioned that her agency were notified that it will air soon *crossing fingers*

Credit: ANYA



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4 responses to “Lee Da-hae Promo for New ANYA Product

  1. Teyling

    Hallelujah …… It has been a long long wait?


    • Although this is not much but anything new from our girl do deserve celebration. Hopefully we get a more celebration worthy news soon because I really miss her acting a lot ❤


  2. Ely

    Thank you! Finally. Something to help us get through this drought period! Thaad has technically been put on hold for two years pending the SK government review on its environmental impact. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for My Mother My Goddess to air soon.

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