Lee Da-hae in “Guesthouse Daughters” Episodes 9-12

Again I am so late but didn’t get much time to write in the past month, so sorry for all who have been waiting for this post.

With this post I am bidding my official farewell for “Guesthouse Daughters“. Although the program have kept drifting away from its title with less focus on the daughters and seeing very few interactions between them but I still appreciate giving the opportunity to see those actresses together in this show.

Since the show ended we again miss our dose of Lee Da-hae and suffer from a drought as usual but I still hope we get something new from Da-hae before this year ends.

Till then hope you spend good time reading this recap ^^

Episode 9

This time the cast visits Hanyang University and our guests for this episode are Boom and Lee Jin Ho in addition to Leeteuk, who will be helping the actresses in another cooking competition to recreate mothers taste.

After forming the teams in which Da-hae was paired with Leeteuk this time, the teams headed to the students dorm to meet the students who contacted the program.

Meeting the first student (Sohui) who is a dance students and of course we got to see her demonstrate her dancing skills with both modern and traditional dancing. In response to that, the cast represented Da-hae to show her skills in traditional dancing.

It has been 10 years as Da-hae said since we saw her dancing (last time was in drama “Hello Miss!” in 2007) and while I think she still got the graceful moves but it was just so funny how she was embarrassed while dancing and when she tried to eat men with her gaze, LOL 😀

After calling Sohui mother for the recipe of “Seasoned Raw Crab” and to win the special sauce for the recipe, they had to make a sorrow talk and share stories. The one who had the most sorrow story will win the sauce. Boom was the winner but we got to hear our girl’s story as she shared she was scammed for the first time in her life when she was trying to buy “Blue Bottle” coffee mug set and plates online.

Next they went to meet the second student (Yujin) who is a PR student. After spending sometime with the students and calling the mother to get the recipe for “Beef Soup“, the teams had to compete for Grade A Beef for the dish.

To get the ingredient, one of each time had to make a promotion in just 30 seconds which PR student usually practice. Leeteuk was so good and so his and Da-hae won the beef.

In the kitchen, nothing new happened because we are so used to see how controlling Da-hae in there 😀

But I really liked her pairing with Leeteuk, at least he got to be praised from her as she said that he listens to her quite well and so she like teaming with him and she called him “Sexy Sous Chef”, kkk ^^

Da-hae and Leeteuk team won the competition with their 2 dishes and the feelings of winning was so overwhelming. I liked that Leeteuk praised Da-hae’s cooking and called her “Master of Masters” ❤

In the end, they shared a meal with the students except of course the other 2 teams that didn’t get picked up had to eat the penalty meal. Poor So Yeon, had to eat this 3 weeks in a raw 😀

Episode 10

This time the cast visits Yonsei university foreign language institute and the guests are all TV personnel from different countries as well, Zhang Yuan from China, Sam Okyere from Ghana and Kim Il Jung from Korea.

They meet foreign students who came from overseas and studying there, I think I really related to their stories a lot and how they try to adapt to the live in Korea away from their homes and some culture shock moments for them.

I specifically agree on how one of them mentioned, it is weird for them to see how Korean girls act like children when dating. I personally not used to that in dramas as well and those kind of scenes are usually not my favorite and just feels awkward to me why they have to do that, kkk 😀

They then make three teams with of the cast, guests and some students to try to comfort them and let them experience food from their homes. Da-hae teamed up with Zhang Yuan and Sam Okyere and student David who came from Cameron.

Sam wanted to help David feel at home and also get a nice hair cut since he found difficulty to know a suitable barber. On their way, they started talking about famous dances and music in Africa and introduced some songs for Da-hae.

It was so funny how she started dancing and singing along with them and just started enjoying so much that I had to really check the songs myself 😀

Da-hae is always great absorbing whatever new experience or people she meet. She adapts fast and just be herself in any situation ❤

They got out of the car and they started walking in the Itaewon and as Da-hae is not familiar with the place, she seemed like the tourist one among the foreign group instead of the opposite, lol 😀

They arrived to the barbershop and she started feeling more out of place like is not in Korea. Nice to see her reactions while she is facing a new experience and meeting new people. I really like her fast reaction to communicate with people there with some parts of the songs we just heard, kkk ^^

Then they arrived at Sam’s friends place, once they got there they started dancing and having fun time and then sat together chatting for sometime.

Da-hae was happy that Sam’s friends actually did watch her drama “My Girl” ❤

Then David called his mother so they can get the recipe for Sangga (dish made of corn) which he likes to eat.

They started to cook, Da-hae was responsible for Sangga dish and this was the first time in GHD that we actually see our girl this confused while cooking. She always feels confident and know what she want to do but I guess it would be hard to feel the same while cooking a dish you actually never tasted before.

But still despite it all, she found an assistant to torture in Zhang Yuan since he was lost in the kitchen, she doesn’t take a 10 seconds between orders, lol 😀

Sam cooked Tomato Stew to eat along with Sangga.

In the end David was happy with the dish and they all shared a meal and picture together.

Along with the episode credits we saw a short video of Da-hae Birthday celebration along with the guests and crew with the food truck that her fans sent her ❤

Episode 11

This time the cast has gone to Korea National Sport University. The guests are again Leeteuk, Boom and joining them Kangnam.

As they set up the teams, Leeteuk had one request which is “Not to team up with Da-hae” but unfortunate to him Soo Geun insisted he will pair with her again. His reaction when Soo Geun told him that was so genuine that I really felt sorry for him, lol 😀

But I was actually happy they teamed together again since they do make a fun team and I am sure Leeteuk still liked in Da-hae team again 😉

The teams will be competing together and the losing team will have cook a meal for the students at the end of the episode.

Then they got into the university meeting first with the Archery team, they started learning and practicing with the students and the game started.

Da-hae had some difficulty from the start and didn’t score any points at her first time but you have to love how she doesn’t give up and being a competent person as she is, she tries to get some hints from Mi Sook who mastered the game from the start scoring full mark.

After she used an eye cover like Mi Sook, she actually got to score 8/10 in her second shot. During the game she push Leetuek to score better than her but in the end they still didn’t win 😀

Next they go meet the Taekwondo team, I would have really liked this part if they made the ladies have a match as well not only the guys. But at least we got to see her laugh on how funny they were playing.

And also got to do some fitness exercise but seems she hasn’t worked out for sometime and so her stamina wasn’t the best 😀

The final result was that Da-hae and Leeteuk were the worst team and got to start cooking over than 30 chickens for the students.

This time Da-hae had some rough time trying to control Leeteuk and make him concentrate on the cooking rather than dancing around with the students who were waiting for their food or acting like cooking MC again, lol 😀

In the end, the mission was accomplished and the cast shared the meal with students and then had a photo together.

Episode 12

Sadly they had to end the show with my least favorite episode of all times. I am sure fans of SF9 and Pristin might have enjoyed seeing their idols on screen specially since both groups made their debut not long ago and didn’t appear on many shows. But it is unfortunate that in the process we saw very few minutes of our cast and our girl specially in this episode.

The cast in addition to Boom visited the 2 groups dorms and spent time with them before heading to the kitchen to cook meals for them from their favorite dishes that their mom used to do and they don’t get a lot of chances to taste.

If I have to mention something about our girl in this episode it would be that we now know she still have Big Bang as her favorite group.

Also I was happy to see Da-hae and Si Yeon pair up for once in the kitchen. They were both excited to be working together and I loved how Si Yeon was eager to get instructions from Da-hae and said that teaming with our girl made her feel confident and that it should have came earlier, I have to agree with her ❤

We didn’t even get a goodbye words from the cast in this last episode like the case with the departure of some members before which says a lot on how those decisions were made 😦

With this, I am finally done with the show recaps. Hope you enjoyed them ❤

And finally here are the last four episodes videos with English and Thai subs from KBS World




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    Ugh she’s gorgeousss, I wanna see her with curly black hair again tho


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