Celebrating Lee Da-hae 15th Acting Anniversary


This is a very special day and of course deserve celebration!!

It has been 15 years since the viewers first watched Lee Da-hae as Lee Eun Joo in MBC special  “Park Jong-cheol, A Fine Young Man” and with this start the actress journey began with all its ups and downs.

One thing for sure, is that despite it all she still delivered a lot of great acting moments that made us laugh, cry and feeling like one with her characters.

At this point in her career, our girl must have many worries and thinks a lot of the path she wants/can walk in from here on. The industry now is more into casting younger actresses with most dramas having young female roles and so it is not easy for actresses like Da-hae to get roles in dramas specially with her not categorized as an A-Lister and it doesn’t help that she has been away for 3 years and the fact that all her agencies for the past 6 years have done and doing nothing for her so she is basically out there on her own.

So the journey might still not be easy for her but I am sure her strong will won’t be shaken and who knows what surprises the future holds for us 😉

I hope she can continue gracing our screens for many years to come, it doesn’t matter the nationality of her works anymore, just wishing she keep enjoying the acting that she love for as long as she can.

Congratulation Da-hae shi, Lets enjoy the journey and grow old together!! ❤




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6 responses to “Celebrating Lee Da-hae 15th Acting Anniversary

  1. Jeffrey

    Her future is bright, as she stands out among the many Korean actresses. She is fluent in four languages and no Korean actress has that ability. Her love dramas with Lee Dong Wook beats all the Korean love dramas, anytime. It is true that both Lee Dah Hae and Lee Dong Wook have this amazing chemistry, to depict a love storey like Hotel King. It is almost surreal and I believe that, both were lovers in their past lives. Even the drama Winter Sonata does not come close to the love depicted in Hotel King. The love shown in Hotel King is even more real than in real life.


    • Juliet David

      Hotel King is a vert nice drama. It imparts positive values to be learned by viewers and the very impressive performance of the cast. Maybe if mbc focused on the promotion and publicity of the drama it earned high rating and more views. Dong Wook and Da Hae chemistry is the best and effective when it comes to drama and acting.


  2. Wow. 15 years!
    I really liked her in My Girl. Hope she signs on some quality drama soon!

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  3. HM

    Nice write up for her 15th aniversary 🎈 🎉💐 Hope to see her getting good project doesn’t matter whether its family drama or fantasy drama or just having women oriented drama with all the unnies in it 🙂

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