Lee Da-hae in “Life Bar” Episode 9

It is already over 4 months since Lee Da-hae guested in tvN variety show “Life Bar” and I have promised to recap it and finally here I am 😉

I was hoping we can get English subs for the episode somehow to make this a better and more accurate recap since it is not every day we get to see our girl doing such interview and this is one reason for the long delay but unfortunately that didn’t happen and not sure if someday we will get that 😩

But tvN Asia did air it with English and Chinese subs but the channel is not available for many to watch or record and upload online but if anyone of you who are reading this and did get to watch the program with English subs, you can always leave comment and enlighten us on what was missed in this recap, will really appreciate it ^^

Luckily our friend Ely from Da-hae Soompi Thread did watch the episode subbed in Chinese on tvN Asia and did a fast recap for us there (Big thanks to her ❀ )

I really like this interview and how Da-hae was brave enough to say out loud many things about her career struggles in recent years that we might had a feeling about as fans.

So hope you enjoy this recap. Lets start!!

[Ely’s recap is the main source of this post in addition to other translated news and I dedicate it to K Vo who have been waiting and asking about it (sorry again for the delay)]

Introducing Da-hae before she arrive to the bar Shin Dong Yup described her as being friendly and generous, with a very good personality, Kim Joon Hyun said his impression of her is graceful and elegant while Eric Nam didn’t actually know who she was, lol 😀

Then we see some shots of her arriving to the scene, liked her coat there ^^

As they welcome her to the bar, she greeted them and presented chlorophyll to the MCs (except for Eric who she didn’t know he was included as it was his first episode). Da-hae mentioned that chlorophyll is good for detoxification as well as relieving from hangover and bad breath smell. But to their surprise Dong Yup’s bottle was already open and only half full!!

Seems Da-hae have taken some for her personal use at home and got them mixed up. Dong Yup suggested mixing the bottles up to decide who will take the half full bottle and Tak Jae Hoon ended up choosing it, kkk ^^

It was fun how from the very beginning Da-hae brought lots of laughter even if it was due to an unfortunate mistake from her side 😀 😀

As they start drinking, I think they asked Da-hae what she usually say when she start drinking and she said it is “Heng-bok-kap-Shi-Da!” which I guess means “Lets be happy!”.

When they started eating some snacks, Da-hae seemed to have some problem due to her long and wide sleeves so Jae Hoon and Dong Yup started helping her which was a quite funny scene, kkk ^^

Talking about drinking habits Dong Yup mentioned that Da-hae has a reputation for being a “Joodang” (someone who can drink well). When Eric asked her if it is true, she said she is not exactly sure how the rumor started but it may have been during the filming her drama “Heaven’s Fate” (2004) when she was learning to drink with the senior actors/actresses.

She said it was like learning to drink with your own father. During filming, she would feel very nervous when having a drink with them because she didn’t want to make a fool of herself. She said she is good at keeping her composure even when she is drunk. This is probably how she got the reputation of being a “Joodang”. She said that generally when she is not working, she drinks quite often.

In this part they also made fun of Joon Hyun who keeps eating during the program and of Eric and Dong Yup whose ears gets really red as they keep drinking 😀

They started eating some kind of Shellfish and it was great seeing those expressions from Da-hae as she listened to Joon Hyun describing its taste, she was like on the verge of drooling and you know that I always love to see her eating, kkk ^^

They then asked Eric about when was his last kiss and surprisingly he said it hasn’t been a week since then, then kept teasing him a bit 😉

Since it is quite a sensitive topic Dong Yup was cautious and wanted to ask about the news of Da-hae and Se7en dating in an indirect way. He said “When you were feeling down and empty inside, did you meet someone….a convenience store?” (he meant 7-Eleven stores) Da-hae responded “The fact that I’m dating the son of a convenience store? There is no need to beat around the bush it’s a truth everyone knows.” Then Dong Yup muttered “They are very good together…”. (I love how cool her response was ❀ )

Talking about their relationship Da-hae said “We’ve always known each other, but we weren’t close or in contact with each other” Then added “After he returned from the military, a common acquaintance called me one night saying he was drinking with Se7en and asked if I wanted to come. Back then I thought, ‘Se7en’? Drink with him?’ At that time, I saw Se7en from the same perspective as the public. It wasn’t a good image,” (referring to his controversy while he served in the army)

She continued “Thinking that way despite being a celebrity myself was unfair of me. I get upset when the public sees me that way, but in that situation I thought of him as the public did. That’s why I didn’t go meet them.”

But she mentioned that they eventually met up later on a different occasion and said “I keep thinking that if I didn’t show up then, it would’ve been the biggest regret of my life.” then the MCs cheered in happiness 😉

Talking about that meeting they had, Da-hae said “We were meeting up with many people. He contacted me, asking if he should pick me up since I was on the way. I wasn’t all that willing, but he picked me up and we stiffly greeted each other. We sat down [early] and no one else had come yet, so it was quite awkward. He must have felt [that way] too, so he would look around, saying, ‘Why aren’t they here yet?’”

It was during that uncomfortable meeting that her impression of him began to change. She said, “Watching him sitting awkwardly, I started seeing him in a positive light. The more we spoke, the more I realized he was innocent and very cheerful, unlike what I thought. If I were in his situation, I wouldn’t be able to be as cheerful as he was. He was like an innocent child.”

Continuing to talk about how they got together, Da-hae said “He said that I’ve been there for him during his difficult times, but I received even more of his cheerful and optimistic energy at a time when I was also going through internal struggles. I wasn’t mentally relaxed and Se7en being the bright, positive guy was a big encouragement to me.”

Then she mentioned that she was grateful to him for wanting to meet and give assurance to her mother only a week after they officially started dating. She explained “He knows the rumors about himself so I think he wanted to give assurance to my mom. His thoughts were very beautiful.”

Da-hae said that her mother was a big help in strengthening their relationship. The three of them are like friends. They date at home mostly and her mom would pay more attention to her cooking when he is there 😉

The MCs joked about how her mother would say “he comes here a lot”, “how many times do I have to go to the market”, “he is here again”, “go play in your room”, “don’t close the door”, “close the door”, “but the door closed and the lock clicked”. Haha!

Commenting on that Da-hae said her mother would never tell them to play in their room because she wanted to play with them too. And mentioned about when they had a game of GO and Se7en let her mom win on purpose. Lol 😀

When their dating news broke out, they were all at home together when her mother saw it first and said to Se7en “Dong Wook ah…”, he said “Is it out?” Then they talked about how to respond to the news as they had not discussed it beforehand.

Se7en showed concerns being worried about her position and said, Should we just say that we’re in the process of getting to know each other?” However, she responded, Our relationship is only that?. In the end, Da-hae thought that this much used phrase of “In the process of getting to know each other” is too lame and “Having good feelings for each other” sounded fishy, that’s when they decided to be honest.

I think she also mentioned that despite that she still felt sorry and was worried about being in a public relationship since he is also a public figure and doesn’t belong to her alone (as he has his own fans)

About their first trip which was to Vietnam in 2015. She mentioned that they thought an island in Vietnam would be a safe bet since they are not so popular there. China, Japan and even Thailand were out of the question.

She revealed that actually the couple that was mentioned on the “Brave Reporters” show on TV was actually them (You can watch the cut they were referring to here) They were called the “250 honeymoon couple” (this might have something to do with value for money holiday packages).

When Da-hae said “Are we the value for money couple now?” the guys all burst out laughing. Then she was thinking to herself, “Shin Dong Yup must know now”, “Lady Jane must know now” Then she added “We even did the ticketing separately and chose local airports. We got on the same airplane but he was sitting far from me. Since there weren’t any Koreans and the flight attendants were also foreigners, I called him over and we took selcas and played around. But it turned out that one of the flight attendants was friends with a Korean reporter.” (Talk about a useless camouflage plan, haha!)

Dong Yup then asked “You weren’t on TV for a while, you were in China to act there, right?” Da-hae replied “Yah, I filmed two Chinese dramas. It is hard now with their ban. Luckily, my drama from a year ago aired. It was not seen on TV but it is out on web and it has gotten 1 Billion views (she was referring to “Best Lover“). We didn’t promote it at all so for me, that was a bummer. The other drama I filmed (she was referring to “My Goddess, My Mother“) was supposed to air in February but it has been put off indefinitely”.

She mentioned that she has never studied a script so diligently as she did for “My Goddess, My Mother”. Then Dong Yup asked if that was the reason she agreed to appear on their show, because she was feeling down. She just smiled back and looked a bit sad.

On working in China, she said it was a breath of fresh air for her to read nice comments in her SNS, compared to her lack of popularity and the negativity she was experiencing in Korea after the rumors about her in 2013 (she was referring to this). It was natural for her to be in a country where she received more love.

Talking about those rumors in 2013, she said “My name was on the list of celebrity prostitution. I acted like I wasn’t but I was actually struggling. I pretended to be okay because I’m a celebrity but the rumors have gone too far.” She continued, “My family worried about me a lot. So we went out to eat at a big Korean traditional restaurant. I pretended to be okay in front of my family but when I looked down, I was wearing two different shoes.” 😩

She also talked about going through a transition period in her acting career right now. A few years ago, she was unhappy getting roles for single mothers, divorcees, etc, in Korea. So she acted like a big shot back then. In China, she was still getting offers for rom-com or younger and less limited roles so she preferred those. She was struggling with self confidence and went through a very tough period, not knowing what to do. But then she thought back when she was happy playing single mother roles in her mid twenties (she was referring to her role in “Robber“), why couldn’t she accept those roles now that she is in her thirties? She believes acting is her lifetime career and those negative thoughts gradually went away. Nowadays, she is much more open minded.

Then it was time to welcome Da-hae’s late night guest which was non other than Yoon So Yi. She has zero alcohol tolerance, it runs in the family apparently, but she gets drunk from drinking coffee and banana milk so she brought some so she can drink with all of them, lol 😀

So Yi asked Da-hae “Did you blurt out everything already?” and Da-hae answered “Pretty much, I am ruined” then So Yi said “Even the name?” then Da-hae replied “Of course, everyone knows his name already. You are more drunk than me”. (Haha!!)

They talked about how they met on the set of “IRIS II” and became friends. So Yi said that Da-hae gives the impression of a closely guarded person, but is in fact a very generous, cheerful and straightforward person, like a man. They are so close that they know each other’s financial situation, including assets and liabilities. She said they would sometimes get so heated in a text conversation that they hurl obscenities at each other from time to time. So Yi said “Do you want to see our text messages?”

So Yi admitted that she knew about Da-hae and Se7en’s relationship right from the start and she was worried for Da-hae when she first started dating Se7en. She was worried about his past scandal but once it was clarified, she was happy to see how good they are together. She said that she worried for them as a friend (I think she was referring to them going public), it was difficult for Da-hae but she learnt to handle it in a mature fashion.

The girls totally took over the conversation and were in full control on the show. Then the MCs joked that the 2 girls should now be the MCs instead. (Those two together are so fun and unstoppable, Haha!! 😀 😀 )

The producers showed a short off camera moment as the staff was fixing the cameras and mics and I was totally in love with So Yi and Da-hae interaction there, you can really see how close they are and how they care for each other.

Here is a part of the conversation they had in that part

So Yi apologized for joking too much.

Da-hae: “What joking, it was the real you!”
So Yi: “I wanted Da-hae to feel at ease so she could show her true self”
Da-hae: “I already showed it before you came”

Dong Yup commented that they were both so likable. So Yi agreed but only if Da-hae doesn’t look like a cold kid. Da-hae said she is not cold and So Yi said Da-hae always plays rich characters.

Da-hae: “The whole atmosphere has come to life after you came”

So Yi apologized again for making too many jokes.

Da-hae: “Why, it was very funny, that her image is already tarnished, but her…”
So Yi: ” My image is already tarnished too!”
Da-hae: “I am not alone in throwing away the image of an actress”.
So Yi: “Da-hae seems to know a lot and is good at everything, but just now she brought a half empty bottle…”
Da-hae: “It was because I wanted to do well that I ended up messing it up.”
So Yi: “It would be worse if you succeeded at everything.”
Da-hae: “I feel very content and happy.”

At the end they showed So Yi and Da-hae’s pictures together with captions “They became friends late in their lives”, “They have the same worries but can depend on each other”, “and become each other’s greatest source of strength”

Then asking about her impression of the program Da-hae said she wants to come back to “Life Bar” once a week, and that it didn’t feel like filming at all because So Yi is there and seems they later started dancing and singing all together ❀

Credit: tvN | Translation: Ely @ Soompi, Soompi and Allkpop



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  1. Juliet David

    Thanks for the recap. It does not matter if it is the latest news or not as long as it is about Da hae. I missed her a lot on screen. I wish that her chinese drama be aired already. I never expect that her variety show ended so soon when infact it is better compared to others. Please give or share more news about her often. No matter what will happen to her career i will support her. She is multi-talented, smart and truly born artist.She is one of the best korean actresses.

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    • Thanks for reading and commenting ^^
      It is always my pleasure to share her updates here, I really hope more news come in near future so it can be more busy and active here 😀


  2. Juliet David

    Just a follow up comment or shall i say question. Se7en is the lucky guy who captured da hae’s heart and her mother’s trust and confidence and very much welcome in their house.Is da hae also welcome in se7en’s house? Did Se7en introduce her to his family? Just curious if seven’s family and relatives accept da hae as future their daughter in law.


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