Lee Da-hae is Back on Instagram

After over a month since her last update on SNS, our girl is back again updating us.

Lee Da-hae updated her Instagram yesterday with the above cute video of herself and her friends Maggie and golfer Kim Soo Ah, love to hear her laugh again and the three of them looks so cute ^^

In her message, she said that her big hat was in the way to show her friends’ faces, lol 😀 and that she is happy travelling with her girl friends ❤

Seems she traveled together with Soo Ah a day before to Saipan and met with Maggie who is there for work, they brought her some gifts and enjoyed time together.

Check more updates from the girls as they have some fun ^^

This is when Soo Ah and Da-hae were at airport before flying to Saipan

Also a couple on days ago, Da-hae posted a picture of a french meal she was having. Her tags said “#It’sBeautiful #Delicious #Food #IAteWell #Dinner #GoodPeople #PreciousTime”

Credit: IG and Maggie’s Weibo | Translation: Online Translators



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2 responses to “Lee Da-hae is Back on Instagram

  1. Juliet David

    So nice to see her spending happy moments with her friends.Just do what makes you happy for life is to short.Enjoy every activity Da hae while young.

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